How to Pack Your Decorations When Moving?

Decorations are special items in your house or office. Whether you have received them as gifts or you have bought them, they are objects that turn a dull house into a warm and beautiful home. If you are planning to move, you need to pack and protect them properly. 

Since ornaments are valuable items, they should be handled with care all the time. Whether it is a long-distance move or just a local move, you need to know how to pack and move those fragile items. Without proper care, you are bound to experience some losses or damages. 

One of the best ways to ensure your decorations are well packed while moving is to engage commercial movers. Check out man and van companies in London that you can hire for your house move. Since they know how to pack any kind of item, you can be sure there will be no damages or losses. 

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to learn how to pack the decorations when moving. With the right care and moving, you will be able to preserve your beautifications for future generations. Below are eight useful tips on how to pack valuable items such as decorations. 

Useful Steps on How to Pack Your Decorations When Moving

Step 1 – Have the Right Packing Supplies

Before you start packing your decorations, you need to ensure you have the right packing supplies. This is because valuable items are not packed with ordinary packing materials. With the best packaging, you will be guaranteed that your items will be intact when moving. Have the right shapes, sizes, and quality for the items. 

If you can manage to recruit experienced movers such as NYC movers, you can be sure that the items will be in good hands. Since they are professional movers, they have the right packaging for your decorations. In addition, they can manage to pack and move them with ease. 

One of the best ways to pack the decorations is using the original packaging. If you have the original box that came with the item, it is the best one because it is of the right shape, size, and quality. But if you cannot get the box, cardboard boxes are great. Luckily, you can get any shape or size you need. 

Other packing materials you can use to pack your decorations when moving include plastic bins, special moving containers, and others. Also, make sure you have packing tape, marker, bubble wrap, and packing papers. 

Step 2 – Sort Out Your Decorations

Since there are different kinds of decorations, you need to sort them. You cannot pack all items the same way. Moreover, there are some valuable items you do not need. So, the next step is to sort them out. 

Get rid of valuable items that you do not need, are scratched, broken, or outdated. You can decide to throw them away, give them to friends as gifts, or sell them online. Fortunately, there are several online sites where you can sell some items. 

By getting rid of the things you do not need, you will save the moving cost and time. You will pack fewer items, ensure your new house does not have outdated items, and save on packing materials. 

Step 3 – Sort Decorations With the Right Sized Boxes

You need to sort your decorations with the right boxes. This is because there are small, middle-sized, and large decorations. Moreover, some are more valuable than others. Thus, you need to have the right packing boxes for all. 

For instance, if you have some decorations in your office, there are special ones for special achievements and decorations for the general office. Since you cannot pack all of them together, you need to have the right materials. But if you can involve office movers, you will be sure all are well packed. 

Step 4 – Protect the Face

Most decorations have a face that should be protected when moving. Failure to protect the face will lead to serious damages. Get the best wrapping materials and ensure you wrap them with several layers. 

Step 5 – Wrap Them With Bubble Wrap

You need to use bubble wrap to pack your decorations when moving. Fortunately, bubble wraps are well-designed to protect valuable items when moving. Do not use newspapers or paper to wrap your decorations. 

After wrapping them with bubble wrap, wrap the item around with packing tape. This is to ensure it is well enfolded. It will also ensure the bubble wrap is intact throughout your move. After wrapping it properly, place it in the box. 

Step 6 – Test Movement

Now you need to ensure the item is well placed inside the box. So, before sealing the box, test whether there is any movement. Close the box and shake it a bit. If you notice any movement, then that is not the right box for the item.

If you cannot get another box, you can add crumpled newspaper to fill the empty spaces. But if the item is not shifting, you can seal the box. 

Step 7 – Seal the Box

If there is no movement inside that box, the next step is to do it. Make sure you use quality packing tape to seal all openings. Properly sealing will ensure there are no damages or you cannot lose the item. 

Step 8 – Label It

Once the box is sealed, you need to label it. Labeling the box will ensure movers or other people loading and unloading the boxes can easily recognize what is inside. It will also ensure the box is handled with care. 

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