How To Organize a Small Apartment and Make It Look Fantastic

If you live in a small apartment or home, you know the challenges that come with it. The major problem is not having sufficient space. The key to organizing a small apartment is by keeping it uncluttered. To do this, it is important to hide or remove unwanted things in storage.

Understanding how to organize small apartments helps you make your tiny apartment look more organized, more inviting, functional, and spacious.

Small Apartment Organization Ideas

Here is a guide on how to organize a tiny apartment:

1. Floating Shelf Shoe Storage

If you have open wall space in the closet, adding floating shelves is an excellent option. They look stylish and help you create extra room to store your handbags, shoes, and other stuff. It’s best to colour code your shoes on the floating shelves.

2. Multi-functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture should be at the top of your top list when it comes to selecting space-saving furniture for your apartment. As the name implies, it can perform multiple functions.

Multi-functional furniture also helps reduce clutter, removes the need to buy multiple pieces of furniture, and offers plenty of storage space. Besides this, it keeps your apartment tidy and makes it feel inviting. You can also get a chest to double up as an ottoman or coffee table.

3. Nesting Baskets

Adding nesting baskets into your wardrobe also helps you boost the organization. These organizers come in a wide assortment of sizes, materials, and styles so that you can integrate storage into the decor.

These baskets allow you to store your garments in the file-folding style. They also help you to sort stuff you use more frequently and easily. Thus, it enables you to save plenty of time. You can also take these baskets out easily when cleaning.

4. Three-Tier Shelf for Bathroom Essentials

If you have a small bathroom, you can get extra creative by installing a three-tier shelf to your bathroom counters with a Caesarstone quartz countertop. A three-tier shelf is an excellent product for the storage of bathroom essentials. Each tier offers ample space for plenty of storage. In addition to this, it lifts your products off the ground.

Furthermore, a quartz countertop is both durable and gorgeous. It adds a level of luxury to your bathroom. It’s not just friendlier to the environment but also needs minimal maintenance.

5. Go Vertical

It’s also a great idea to use your wall space vertically if you have a shortage of space in your apartment. You will be so surprised by how big your place looks. Use your kitchen walls for storing big items, a wall above the door for storing books, and a wall in the bathroom for storing bathroom essentials.

Furthermore, shelves and cabinets on walls are perfect for optimizing your walls for storage. Hanging your small belongings such as keys and other necessities in the vertical space using hooks or pegboards is also an option.

6. Use the Inside of Cabinet Doors

Mounting a few racks on the inside of cabinet doors in the kitchen creates plenty of additional space. It helps you hide so much behind closed doors. You can use it as a rack for spices, hanging extra tea towels, spoons, and other items. It’s also a perfect idea to use small pots, reusable bags, tiny pans, and other miscellaneous items

7. Wall-Mounted Desk

Consider buying a mounted wall desk over a conventional standing desk on Amazon. The biggest benefit is that it does not need legs for support and is manufactured using solid material that lasts longer. It helps you to squeeze a work desk into a small apartment. Moreover, plenty of wall-mounted desks come with USB charging stations and outlets on the shelves or the desktop.

8. Use Underbed Storage

One of the significant issues of living in a small apartment is having limited flooring storage space. You can also maximize the area under the bed by storing shoes, books, clothes and other stuff. It helps in making your living area more manageable and free for other purposes instead of storage.

9. Room Divider with Storage

Room dividers can use the space efficiently for privacy or divide the room into two or more sections. They are cost-effective, durable, lightweight, and need minimal maintenance. It’s worth considering a room divider with in-built storage. However, if it’s not in your budget, you can repurpose an open bookshelf to break up the region while adding storage space.

10. Fold-Down Dining Table

The fold-down dining table is a wise investment for people living in small apartments. It is compact by nature. So, it helps save space in your kitchen because the fold-down dining table is especially suitable for small dining spaces.

It is typically manufactured using lightweight material. This makes the table easy to clean, store and move. It also helps you keep glasses, keep your favourite coffee mug, and cookbooks on display.

11. Matching Baskets for Storage of Clothes or Accessories

Use colourful mix-and-match baskets with labels for sorting diverse kinds of clothes and accessories easily. They are great for storing seasonal garments and help in reducing clutter.

12. Stackable Bins for Organizing Beauty and Hair Products

Stackable bins are also very helpful in organizing your hair tools, beauty products, and toiletries systematically. In addition, it will keep the clutter out of sight and free up some of your apartment space.

You can even label each bin for quick identification of items. Moreover, stackable plastic bins are very easy to clean in comparison to metal or wooden storage units.

13. Under-the-Stairs Storage

Under-the-stairs storage space not just helps you enhance storage but also adds character to your home. You can opt for beautiful built-ins or get creative on arranging furniture in that underused area beneath the stairs. Make sure you avoid cupboard bedrooms under the stairs.

14. Built-In Nooks

It’s also a cool idea to take advantage of nooks in your apartment to optimise storage space. You can add extra seating with an armchair or build a tiny desk region that meets your work-from-home requirements.

Wrapping Up:

If you have a small apartment in your budget, you must ensure sufficient space for storage. A messy apartment makes it tough to relax. It also results in discomfort and stress. Use the above guide mentioned above on how to organize a small apartment and start living a clutter-free life today.

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