How to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

The bathroom is often the smallest space with the most functions in the house. That’s why the storage never seems to be enough inside!

Learning to make the most of your small bathroom makes it more functional and beautiful. So I’ve gathered seven simple tips to maximize your tiny space.

1. Add Organizers Beneath the Vanity Sink

Floating vanity sinks make your small bathroom look spacious. However, they are not ideal for optimal storage. Maximize it by adding drawers or cabinets under the sink.

Use the area to keep your toiletries, skincare products, towels, and other essentials. It’s also an excellent way to make the sink neater! Try hanging tools from a hook, using pullout shelves, or adding adhesive organizers on the cabinet door.

A behind-the-door cabinet is perfect for makeup, hair clips, and other small items in the bathroom. Then, add trays to the shelves to keep the other products organized. You can even repurpose old plates or dip trays instead of buying new ones.

2. Extend Storage to The Ceiling

Don’t forget about the space on top of your bathroom! When renovating or planning a small bathroom design, you can add a small cupboard or cabinet on top or find a style that offers storage from the floor to the ceiling.

Some modern options include storage ladders, floating shelves, or a tall rack for towels.

But the simplest way to extend your storage to the ceiling is to add a long piece of wood on top. You may arrange some baskets on top to hide the items or just let it be.

3. Use a Curved Shower Rod

Replacing your straight rods with curved shower rods will make your bath look bigger without renovating. You can get up to 33% wider space while you’re showering.

And it’s all because of the extra space it occupies in an outward manner.

Another reason to use curved shower rods is that they prevent your shower curtains from getting wet. They don’t feel sticky or molded since they are farther from your shower.

4. Hang Storage to The Back of The Door

The back of your bathroom door is another storage solution for making the most of the space. If you want an area to hang your robe or towel, hooks are a great idea.

You can also use it to hang necklaces and other accessories you’re taking off.

You may also add a rack for medicines and skincare products behind the door. Or a tray where you can hang earrings and other trinkets. Try repurposing your wine rack into a towel holder to guarantee ease of access for you and your guests.

The best thing about back-of-the-door storage is that you can hide bathroom items away from the door to keep the room clean. And it doesn’t take up space on the floor!

5. Install a Mirrored Cabinet Instead of Just a Mirror

A mirrored cabinet is the most discrete way to increase the storage in the bathroom. It’s perfect for anyone short on storage since mirrors are usually large enough to keep objects behind them.

Store your cosmetic products, toothbrushes, tissue papers, and medicine inside the mirrored cupboard. It makes a fantastic secret spot to stash the stuff you don’t want to share.

Installing mirrored cabinets is also practical because it keeps the essentials right where you need them. You don’t want to walk a few steps away from the mirror to get your makeup, don’t you?

And mirrors are not hard to reach compared to ceiling storage.

6. Double up On Shower Rods

Add a second rod near your wall to hook your shampoo, body wash, loofahs, and other bath items. It maximizes the upper space of your bath area to make the ground more expansive.

Use S-hooks and trays to hang your caddies. Ensure they’re made of sturdy materials like metal to keep the objects from falling all over the place.

7. Use Drawer Trays

Gather your headbands, bobby pins, nail trimmers, hair ties, and miscellaneous items in a drawer tray to easily access them. Instead of leaving them on countertops, sort your junk and organize them into small drawer trays.

Plastic bins or small baskets also work. Use the same organizers for kitchen drawers and office supplies.

Bottom Line

There are many solutions to make the most of your small bathroom. Get creative with storage by using the space on your ceiling, walls, and under the vanity sink!

Find unusual places to hang your robes and towels, such as behind the door or your shower rod.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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