How to Make a Moving Storage Plan in South London?

If you plan to move to or from South London, you are in great hands. We have some fantastic tips to make your storage experience more accessible, manageable and even pleasurable. It may seem tedious and challenging to rent a storage unit that’s affordable, hassle-free and convenient. Gone are the days when storage hunting was difficult and expensive.

First things first, there are a few factors you need to sort before you rent a storage unit. With the help of our guidance, you will be able to choose the storage unit that will work the best for you.

Student storage for holidays and other days:

If you study at a university far from your home, you will understand the struggle of bringing back and forth belongings and how costly and tedious it can get. Managing your belongings and taking care of them throughout your university tenure can become a hassle.

There’s an easy and affordable option for students if they don’t wish to pay rent of university dorms or apartments during the spring break, vacations or emergency visits back home. You can rent a storage unit and safely store your belongings without any worries.

You can choose to rent a storage unit for whichever reason. You can rent it for as short or long a period as you want, it all depends on your needs. We offer their services throughout the year. There are some great packages you can avail yourself of to maximize your storage unit.

The all-inclusive student storage package benefits students by providing free collection so their belongings can easily be picked up and taken to the storage facility by our team. The aim is to make storage more accessible and a comfortable experience by avoiding the inconvenience and any extra costs.

Commercial storage for the benefit of your business:

We keep in mind how busy and stressful it can be to run a company, small or large scale. We understand the struggles hence why we have made business storage as simple as possible.

The business world is changing with time; with each change, it’s moving forward faster. Storage in South London can help your business by providing low-cost commercial storage units depending on your needs. Every company has different ethics and work plans. To cater to all, we offer storage services depending on the specific needs of your business.

Renting a new office space to store your inventory is not feasible as it will cost more, and it might get difficult to handle two places. With a storage company, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stock. Your items will be stored in all-purpose built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors. Your safety is our priority.

Covid made many businesses and companies go online. If you don’t work out of a physical office space but sell your merchandise online, business storage can also help store your supplies. It’s more cost-effective than renting a larger office space or an additional business location.

Personal storage is the solution for all your storage problems:

If you intend to move, renovate your existing or new home, or are going through a significant personal life change, downsizing, or renting additional rooms, a storage facility can provide an economical alternative. People wishing to keep their belongings and assets in a secure location will be glad to know that storage facilities offer maximum security.

If you are renovating, you will know how messy it can get. You can store your belongings in a storage unit to avoid getting your furniture, carpet, and other household items covered in dust, debris, and damaged by the constant move. It will provide a safe temporary shelter for your valuables.

Moving to a new home can get stressful since it’s not a day’s work. There can be minor and major delays which can be unexpected. To avoid any inconvenience, you can rent a storage unit. It will hold your items for as long as you need without any inconvenience or hidden charges.

When you are sorted and ready to move in, you can remove some or all your items in a few simple steps. Book a partial or complete return from your account to any address in London, and the team will handle the rest. All the heavy lifting is taken care of by the hardworking and professional team of loaders.

Choose the correct size depending on your needs:

Don’t get overwhelmed by the variety of storage unit sizes available. First things first, you need to sort, organise and discard before you start packing. Not everything you own or aren’t using anymore needs to be stored in the storage unit. Remember, the bigger the size of the storage unit, the more it’s going to cost you.

Donate to charity what’s in good condition but not required anymore, or you can host a garage sale. Think of efficient packing once you have narrowed down what you need to go in the storage unit. The more cartons and bins you have, the more space they will take.

If you find packing overwhelming, you can opt for the service of packing offered by the storage company. A team of professionals will be sent to your home with packing materials like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, corrugated cartons and dividers, tape, etc. You can sit back and relax while they do all the tedious work and the heavy lifting.

Once the packing is done, keep in mind to stack heavier boxes underneath lighter boxes so they can hold the weight and last longer. You can also install open shelves and store as many boxes and cartons as possible. Utilizing the storage space, you are provided with will save money, effort, and time.

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