How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Make a Great Impression

If you’ve thought about selling your house or know someone who is, you’ve likely heard about curb appeal. Curb appeal comes up often when talking about real estate because it has everything to do with first impressions. And in real estate, you’re unlikely to get a second impression if you don’t make a good first impression.

Houses are judged by their appearance, and all it takes is one unflattering look to be taken out of consideration, which is why it’s essential that you take your curb appeal seriously when preparing to sell your home. And even if you aren’t, spending a little time and energy on improving your home’s appearance can help instill more pride in your home.

Improving your curb appeal is important, but there are many ways to do it. Below, we’ve listed some of the easiest, most affordable or most impactful methods. Read on to learn what to do to give your home’s curb appeal a boost.

Fix Up Your Roof

The roof of a house is a practical feature that keeps everything that sits under it safe and protected. However, as it’s such a big part of the house, it also has a significant aesthetic contribution to your curb appeal, which is why companies like Professional Roofers get a lot of calls from people planning to sell their homes.

While an entire roof replacement will be unnecessary for most, if your roof if more than 20 years old or has structural issues, you might want to consider a full replacement. If you don’t, you could find buyers lowball their offer, knowing they will need to replace the roof soon. Or worse, buyers might not be thrilled at the idea of having to spend the money, time and energy on a roof replacement soon after moving in and choose not to make an offer at all.

For those whose roofs are in good condition, a simple fix-it job will be enough. Roofs can take a significant beating from various weather conditions, and your roof might be looking a little past its glory days.

If you have missing, loose or broken shingles, now is the time to replace them. It’s wise to go with an experienced roofing company. Not only are they experienced working on roofs, but they’ll ensure the job is done well and your roof is looking in tip-top shape.

Paint Your Front Door

The front door is one of the first things people notice about a home. It is the focal point, and its appearance can have a wide-reaching impact. The front door is also the first thing buyers are likely to see up close. If it looks drab or damaged, that will show.

Similar to the roof, if there are major structural issues, then having your front door replaced is likely worthwhile. But if it just looks a little worse for the wear, simply sand it down and throw on a fresh coat of paint.

Opt for a bright color for your front door to make it stand out from all the other houses on your street. Blue, yellow and red are all great bold colors for the front door and will help bring a pop of color to your property.

Replace Small Accents

When you go in and out of your house on the way to work, an appointment or to drive the kids somewhere, you probably don’t stop to look at the small accents of your house, like your house numbers. Even when checking the mail, you probably just reach in and grab it without giving the mailbox any significant thought.

But these small things can have a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. The house numbers and mailbox, along with door handles and outdoor lights might not stand out on their own, but they can work together in a powerful way.

You can simply give these objects a good cleaning to remove months or years of dirt and grime and get them shining. Or, you can replace them, which is a very affordable option. Replacing them allows you to choose new models that match or complement one another, which can really create a cohesive look to your home.

Stay on Top of Lawn Care

When selling your house, it’s essential that you keep up with lawn care. While that means cutting grass, cleaning edges, maintaining flower beds, and ensuring everything remains vibrant, it can also mean taking steps in advance.

If you have some time before you plan to list your home and your lawn is a little patchy, consider investing in it to get it thriving again. A bright, full lawn will give the impression that time and care was put into it, so fertilize and seed your lawn to get it growing strong.

Another thing that can significantly bring down the aesthetic value of your yard are unsightly dead or diseased trees and stumps. Hire a professional tree removal company to come and remove any and all dead trees and stumps to really bring your yard to life.

First impressions will always matter in real estate. Make sure your home makes a good one if you decide to sell your house.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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