How To Heat Your Home Efficiently & Minimize Heat Loss

Price and practicality can go right out the window when we are seeking warmth in those cooler months. This is why it is important to find ways to heat your home efficiently to minimize heat loss so that you are ready for every season and not shocked with a big bill.

In this article, we will explore the big and small things you can do to control and maintain heat in your home, from knowing when to close the blinds to exploring HVAC insulation. Now, let’s get started and bring you closer to that cozy home you are looking for.


Insulation is a popular and efficient natural temperature regulation method. It can be achieved through the insulation installed through floorboards, ceilings and even in the walls. If you are someone who feels dried out with those more traditional heating solutions, like a portable heater or heating unit – installation is going to be perfect for your home.

This is ambient heating, and it builds beautifully, rather than coming from one source, leaving part of your home warm and the rest cool. Whether your home has lots or few bedrooms, insulated temperature management is going to keep you comfortable year-round.

Window coverings

If you would prefer to tackle temperature management on a more interior level, looking at your window coverings might be a good place to start. Block-out curtains are, of course, very popular for their ability to completely block light, but they are not going to be great for harnessing and retaining heat.

Insulated curtains, on the other hand, are fantastic additions to any home as they can maintain the temperature you achieved in your home without the need for too much else. If you are currently working with shutters and sheer curtains, you are going to find heat loss to be a problem.

Before you purchase insulated curtains or blinds, you can request a sample to see if they will be thick enough, and you can even choose a colour and texture that will complement your decor.

Use timers on your heating

If you are someone who fails to turn the oven on while preparing dinner or forgets to hang out the washing in time to wear your clothes when you want to, chances are you will not remember to turn on the heating at the right time to ensure optimal heating. Using timers on your heating is a great way to efficiently heat your home.

In winter, you may wish to time your central heating to turn on at 6:00 am so that everyone in the house wakes up and starts the day warm. Alternatively, you might utilise your timer to turn off when everyone is asleep so that no discomfort is experienced and heat can remain in the rooms during the night. If you haven’t used your timer setting before then there may be some trial and error, so take note of what works.

Anticipate temperature variability

Some destinations have a climate you can set your watch to, but other parts of the world experience a full spectrum of weather. This means that you won’t need to heat your home at the same time each day, and you may even be able to put some heating hacks into practice to harness and retain heat.

Leaving your curtains open when the morning or afternoon sun hits your home will add some nice natural warmth, and closing off rooms that are open-plan or have high ceilings will allow you to retain some warmth in a room. Lighting can also enhance the warmth of a room, albeit not too much, but this might be the missing ingredient to make your living space more comfortable. 

Ideally speaking, you will utilise some of the aforementioned efficient heating solutions and support that by anticipating temperature variability and preparing your home accordingly. If you have little ones who have grown up knowing that pressing a button can change the temperature of a room, finding efficient and natural ways to retain warmth is always a great lesson to impart to them.

Whether you are motivated by your energy bill or your environmental impact – there are plenty of reasons to want to heat your home efficiently and minimise heat loss. We would love to hear which one of these methods have worked, so let us know. Also remember to find heating solutions that will work for the location, size and position of your home so that you are not perusing something unachievable for your home.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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