How to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Considering that the average price for a home in the U.S. is $416,1000, you can appreciate the importance of doing everything possible to keep yours in the best possible shape.

Many people would rank their homes as their biggest investments. Whether your home is your most significant investment or among your largest investments, you’ll want to ensure you keep up with routine maintenance and tackle needed repairs sooner rather than later. Otherwise, your residence could fall into a state of disrepair that jeopardizes your investment.

Part of taking care of your property is staying on top of seasonal maintenance. Summer is almost done, fall is almost here, and winter won’t be far behind. So, there’s always something for the to-do list. If you live in a part of the U.S. where Mother Nature throws tantrums of snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures during the winter, you’ll want to take care of the following tasks this fall.

Tune Up Your Furnace

The last thing you want during a cold snap is a furnace that doesn’t function properly or won’t work at all. That’s one reason you should get your furnace tuned up, the filter changed, and its components cleaned, lubricated, or inspected. Calling an HVAC technician will ensure your furnace is ready when the temperature dips during the cold-weather season.

While you’re at it, get your vents cleaned out. It’s a good idea to get that done annually. So, if you haven’t already booked a service call, make an appointment to get your vents cleaned.

Inspect the Roof

You should also make an appointment to have a roofing company inspect your roof. You don’t want any damage to go unnoticed, leading to costly problems during winter or spring. A thorough inspection will call for assessing the roofing system and might require inspecting the attic. You’ll want to be careful about poking around in your attic — especially if you have an older home that might have asbestos. Unfortunately, some building products from decades ago contained asbestos, which can lead to an aggressive form of cancer known as mesothelioma.

Check Windows

It’s also essential to check your windows. If you live in an old home where the windows have never been changed, there’s a chance you have single-pane windows. Unfortunately, those types of windows offer little insulation. Modern windows have two or three panes of glass, and you can get a special gas inserted between the panes of glass to increase insulation properties. If you notice that your windows need to be replaced or repaired, get that done before winter starts.

Clean Your Gutters

You must clean your roof’s drainage system to ensure water doesn’t build up and damage foundation walls. When your gutters are clear of dirt, leaves, branches, and debris, the water will flow away from the foundation of your residence. It’s the sort of maintenance task you only need to do once a year, but the benefits will be worth it since it’ll safeguard your home.

Address Air Leaks

You also need to seal up any air leaks. That means ensuring there’s no air leaking in around your windows and doors. Using weatherstripping or replacing doors or windows if required will help. Failing to do so can leave your home feeling drafty and cost you more in heating bills.

Check Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Test your fire and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure proper operation. You’ll want to replace the batteries once a year and clean the units using a vacuum to remove accumulated dust. Ensure you have a unit installed on every level of your home for the best safety.

These are some things to remember if you want to be ready for the winter season. Winter will be here soon enough. It’ll be a more pleasant season if you get maintenance done beforehand.