How to Flawlessly Decorate Your New House with Old Furniture

If you have some old furniture that may not look very appropriate for your modern home or apartment house, do not throw them out yet! You can utilize these old pieces of furniture to decorate your interiors and bring out that timeless vibe you didn’t know was possible.

But first, you must understand your design style and preferences before mixing and matching the various décor ideas.

Ideally, you can use the old furniture as they are, or you can modify them by either applying wallpaper or updating the paint for a more modern look. Some people may also use the old furniture for a completely different purpose. For instance, you can use an old desk as a nightstand or a rustic dining chair as a plant stand.

Whether you are restructuring your old home or hiring local movers to help you relocate to your new home, you want to hold on to your old furniture since you can reuse them in several contemporary ways. Here are the six ways you can decorate your new home with old furniture. 

1. Use an Area Rug to Unite the Mismatched Furniture

Area rugs are timeless décor pieces perfect for mixing different design styles and textures. If your old furniture brings a more classical vibe to your modern space, an area rug can help minimize the apparent disconnect by introducing a subtle blend of colors and patterns.

When choosing an area rug for this specific purpose, pay attention to the size, color combination, and overall look. You may also want to choose an area rug that blends harmoniously with the other interior design elements such as window treatments, accent pillows, wall colors, and artwork.

2. Use Slipcovers on Your Old Sofas

If your pieces of furniture are worn out or have some visible marks, using them as they are would probably hurt your overall design. Instead, you can use slipcovers to give them a new look that matches the adjacent décor elements.

Slipcovers can be used with worn couches, sofas, chairs, and other upholstered furniture pieces. There are different types of slipcovers, each with a varying design, color, material, and texture. You may want to work with an interior designer to ensure you make the proper selection.

3. Take the Furniture Piece Out of Context

One of the easiest or most practical ways to reuse old furniture is to give it a second life. You can achieve this on a budget and without making significant modifications. All you need is a bit of creativity to ensure everything falls into place.

How well you will repurpose your old furniture depends on the available space and what you want to achieve design-wise.

For instance, you can comfortably use an old chair to hold a planter in your living room or kitchen. However, due to the limited space, reusing an old dresser in your bedroom can be challenging. Ensure you have tried several furniture-repurposing options before implementing some of the best.

4. Reupholster Your Old Furniture

Reupholstering is a more permanent solution for updating your old furniture. Here, you want to change the fabric on the sofa, bench, or coach to match the theme color in your home. It’s also possible to reimagine the look of your old furniture with more modern color or fabric material. Be sure to update your old furniture’s wooden or metallic parts with the right paint to bring that perfect contrast.

Depending on the scale of the furniture makeover, you may want to work with a professional to ensure you get the best results. But if you have the skills and the necessary tools, you can do this as a DIY project and save some extra cash.

5. Repaint Your Furniture

Sometimes your old furniture just needs to be repainted before you can use it with your other décor elements. The choice of paint should match your theme color and be relevant to the furniture itself.

For instance, an old dresser can work exceptionally well with latex paint in either of the popular finishes, i.e., satin, flat, full, or semi-gloss. However, latex paints aren’t ideal for heavy-use furniture since their soft finishes are prone to scratching and chipping.

6. Add Wallpaper to Furniture

Another alternative to painting or reupholstering your old furniture is to add a decent wallpaper to the more visible and conspicuous surfaces and edges. The wallpaper adds character to your furniture and can help create that unique pattern and vibe inside your living room.

However, not every piece of furniture will need wallpaper. Only those with hard surfaces like cabinets, dressers, and credenzas will work perfectly with custom wallpapers.

The Bottom Line

The next time you want to move into a new home or consider a home makeover, ensure you make good use of your old furniture. Not everything that seems obsolete should be thrown away. Remember, you can make a statement décor piece with any of your old furniture without incurring a high cost.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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