How To Effectively use Keyframes When Editing a Video

When you’re making videos, one of the most time-consuming parts of the process is editing them. To minimize the time spent on this task, you can make use of your online video editor. And, in order to create exciting content, you’re going to need to know the best way to use keyframes when editing a video.

In this post, we’re going to explain the best practices for utilizing keyframes and how they will improve your video content. Let’s get started!

What is a Keyframe?

A keyframe is an animation term that refers to any specific point in time in your animation timeline, or composition. 

If you change something about your composition at that moment (say, adjust its scale), then you’ve created a new keyframe. 

To create as smooth and seamless an animation as possible, you’ll want strong keyframes. For example, if you want to transition from one scene to another, you could choose two points in time in your video to create keyframes. 

Enter the parameters of how you want each scene to begin and end, respectively. Then, set up the scenes so that they blend smoothly into each other when we play back in between those keyframes.

So in general, if you want a specific moment or action in your animation to happen at an exact spot in time, you’ll want to create a keyframe. 

What is Keyframe Animation?

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An action’s keyframes contain information about its start or end. 

A keyframe is a symbol that indicates two things. First, it indicates what your frame is doing at a certain moment in time. Second, it indicates what time that action is taking place.

Many of the online video editor tools currently available allow you to work with keyframes.

How to Create a Keyframe in an Online Video Editor by Using Your Keyboard

To do so, simply select the layer from your project panel and then press D on your keyboard. 

This will automatically create a new keyframe. You can also move it around by clicking and dragging its thumbnail. Now, whenever the layer movement occurs within that frame’s duration (and assuming nothing else has changed), it will occur at that precise moment in time.

That might seem like an obvious explanation. However, many people don’t realize how useful keyframes are until they see them in action.

It might be easier to understand if you think about exactly what happens without them. 

For example, you’ve got a logo moving across your screen. Let’s say you want it to make its first appearance four seconds into your clip. It’s entirely up to you where you decide to place your keyframes. You can use an online video editor to make the process quick and efficient.  

What is the Use of Keyframes in Video Editing?

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A keyframe is an indication of the start or end of a change in a parameter in non-linear digital video editing and video compositing software. 

You can also set a keyframe to control when the audio will have faded up or down to a certain level, for example.

What is a Manual Keyframe?

A manual keyframe is an advanced form of animation that allows you to set certain attributes of an animation. These will change as the animation progresses, such as view or plot attributes.

How Do You Hold a Keyframe?

As the Outgoing Interpolation, Hold can be applied or removed for a keyframe by selecting the keyframe in the Timeline panel, and then choosing Animation > Toggle Hold Keyframe from any video editing tool.

What is a Keyframe Assistant?

After Effects is one video editor that provides the following keyframe assistants. The Easy Ease feature smooths both incoming and outgoing interpolation of the keyframe. It helps to automate the process of softening and easing the speed into and out of keyframes.

What is Choppy Animation?

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In a motion picture, jerkiness is sometimes referred to as strobing or choppy. 

During online viewing of motion pictures, for instance, the frame rate is greatly reduced, causing jerkiness to stand out more prominently.

If you don’t want this to happen, consider using a nifty video editor with keyframes.

Final Word 

Image by Karolina Grabowska from pexels

In animation and motion graphics, keyframes are essential. They may seem scary for newbies, but they are a very easy and helpful tool in an online video editor and toolbelt arsenal. 

Using these tools in your editor, you can add elements that will influence any shots within your videos at different points. This is incredibly useful because you can subtly change elements of your footage without having to make drastic edits. 

If you are just beginning, we recommend you start with something simple like Final Cut Pro X or PowerDirector. Both editors offer many tutorials which teach exactly how to use keyframes effectively.

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