How to Decorate a House with Dogs the Right Way?

No matter how much training your dog undergoes, the occasional spills and furniture damage are inevitable. But I know of tons of ways to design a dog-friendly interior.

Take a look at how you can decorate a house with dogs inside. Designing with your dog in mind can reduce repair costs and make your place look more warm and organized.

1. Choose Durable Flooring.

Hard surface floors are the most durable flooring option when you have a dog. Choose one that won’t dent, scratch, and stain easily, such as ceramic tiles. These tiles are claw-proof and easy to clean if your dog spills their milk.

Ceramic flooring is the best choice in warmer climates because they keep your pets cooler. It transfers the low temperature to their paws and skin while lying down.

If you’re into hardwood floors, try mahogany and oak. These materials are the sturdiest and hardest among other woods.

Avoid marble and other porous materials because they easily stain. Even sealed natural stones can cause marks because of the acids in your dog’s spit-up.

2. Install Doggie Doors.

Trained dogs require an opportunity to go in and out of the house when they want to play or pee. The traditional design is a plastic frame with a flap. But you can make it more functional by using two door flaps with an air pocket for a reduced heat transfer.

You can also install dog doors in sliding glass doors. These doors fit into the door’s track which you can remove later.

Size also matters when you’re buying a doggie door. Companies use the same photos for their doggie doors, so check the dimensions on the product description. Your furry friend might not use it, and you might end up wasting money.

3. Design Multi-Purpose Furniture.

Find a way to hide pet furniture by making them multifunctional parts of the house. Many areas at home can be turned into small crates for dogs, such as mudrooms, an old fireplace, and vanity cabinets.

These crates can also serve as a counter to place your keys. Choose a design with a flat top so you can add essential items or decorations.

You can also turn your low-level drawer into a built-in feeding area. When you pull it out, it should already have food bowls in place for your cats or dogs. This simple project also prevents the bowls from moving while they’re eating.

4. Give Your Dog a Play Area.

Dogs deserve a play area like kids. It’s more important for puppies who are still exploring the world around them. It doesn’t have to be a separate room, just a vast space where they can play fetch and roll around. The play area should also include storage for their toys.

If you don’t have a space for dog play, they may end up playing in the kitchen or living area. And they might damage your couch, bed, and other furniture pieces. 

5. Buy a Dog Bed with a Washable Cover

Comfort and design aren’t the only considerations you should have when buying a dog bed. Also, ensure that the material is machine-washable. Buy a cozy dog bed with removable covers which you can rotate.

These covers also let you match colors with the furniture. And your dog can stay off your couch or bed now that they have their own safe place. 

6. Choose Dog-Proof Fabrics.

Some fabrics have no place in a house with furry dogs. Tweed, velvet, and chenille catch a lot of dog fur that’s hard to remove. Cotton can also absorb mud quickly.

Look for companies that offer dog-friendly fabrics. These materials do not resist smells, bacteria, and stains. One example is microfiber, which can hold up to wear and tear and is easy to spot-clean.

Reupholster your furniture with the same color as your dog’s fur. Doing so makes the hair invisible, so you don’t have to vacuum every day.

If you can’t afford to reupholster your couch, purchase a slipcover instead. You can wash it many times when your dog makes a mess.

7. Add Storage.

Whether in the kitchen, entryway, or bathroom, you should have organized storage space for Fido. Make sure there are separate drawers, boxes, or shelves for dog food, clothes, leash, and bath essentials. Add labels or use clear jars to distinguish the items quickly.

Wrapping Up

You and your dogs deserve a functional and inviting home! Decorate your house with your dog in mind by adding the right flooring, dog door, and storage. You can also design multi-purpose furniture and a designated play area for them.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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