How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

Air conditioning units are a great relief for people living near tropical areas like Miami, Florida. Its tropical Moonson climate is usually characterized by dry seasons and low rainfall in most parts of the year. Consequently, residents and business owners need an AC system to cool down their space and offer comfort.

Like any other equipment, an AC system has a lifespan, which can be affected by several factors. The ideal lifespan of an air conditioner is the amount of time that the unit can provide comfortable cooling without any difficulties or malfunctions. How Long Will an AC System Last?

Modern-day air conditioning systems can last for about fifteen to twenty years with appropriate maintenance, while older versions can last for about ten to fifteen years also. This also depends greatly on the maintenance that is employed in the unit. 

Technological breakthroughs and development in the industry of cooling systems have made them more efficient, sturdy, and energy-saving at present. Service providers like  Direct Air Miami assist clients in installing, maintaining, and estimating AC systems, allowing you to maximize the advantages of an AC cooling System.

What Affects an Air Conditioner’s Longevity?

Several factors can affect the longevity and performance of ACs. These factors include:

AC Maintenance

A properly maintained AC system is more likely to enhance performance, prolonging its life. You may want to ensure you get professional Air Conditioning Maintenance to keep up the performance of your AC.

Size of AC

One factor that is best to consider when buying a unit is the size of your AC in consideration of the space it will have to cool down. Ideally, a larger AC Unit would take a shorter cycle to complete its cooling period. The switching off and on of the unit is more frequent, so overheating is prevented.

A smaller unit would need a longer time to heat a given area, thus requiring greater time to cool down and may cause overheating if not checked. Besides, it would require greater work, thus imposing a higher load on the AC system.

Thermostat Placement and setting

A thermostat is the control center of your AC system that functions by monitoring the room’s actual temperature. It also dictates to the unit the needed temperature of the AC. When the thermostat is wrongly positioned or set, it could affect the overall performance and longevity of your AC.


When installing your AC unit, you must consider the location, wirings, and room insulation to ensure the proper functioning of the unit.

A strategically installed unit will need to work less to cool down the room, while a properly wired AC system is safer and more efficient to use. Also, a well-insulated room is highly recommended, and this means that the unit will perform less work to cool a room. Not adhering to these measures can lower the life of your AC unknowingly.

For proper installation, you can opt for a DIY or a professional AC installer. The latter can save you time, effort, and ensure a high-quality installation job.

Usage Pattern

It is suggested that you set the thermostat of the AC system at a higher temperature when you are not at home. Then just lower it to about 70-78 when somebody gets to the house. That may be around 70-78 degrees. Your usage pattern can negatively or positively impact the condition and life of your AC.

Maintenance Tips to Lengthen an AC’s Lifespan

An AC system needs to be properly maintained to yield optimum performance and promote longevity in its utilization. But how exactly can you maintain this unit? Find out below.

Change the AC system filter regularly

This practice is necessary because dust and dirt can be trapped on the filter, especially if it’s not been used for a long time. A dirty filter keeps the cooling system’s temperature low and less efficient.  We must always remember that a clean filter produces clean airflow.

Filters are disposable, and some are reusable. Ideally, it should be changed within two months but shorter if the unit is used constantly. A filter should also be changed more often if the location is dusty and if you have fur animals in your home.

Also, if your unit is near some plants or landscaping areas, it would help to regularly clean up your filter to remove debris that may accumulate in it.

Always check your room insulation

Good insulation in your house can help extend the lifespan of your AC unit. This is because it allows less work for the unit to run, thus conserving it.

At some point, it would be good if you installed additional insulation in your basement and on your walls to prevent heat and air from passing through. Consequently, the unit will require less effort to cool down the area.                            

Watch out for any of the following incidents

It is good to inspect your ac regularly to ensure that it is operating optimally. You can also watch out for the following signs as they indicate minor issues that may eventually worsen if not addressed:

·         Noise coming from the AC unit

·         A terrible smell from the AC

·         Compressor breakdown

·         Hire an accredited and professional  AC contractor

Regular maintenance of the AC unit can be done twice or once a year at the least. You can book an appointment with an AC-certified technician to ensure regular maintenance of your AC. A professional will leverage their experience and use the right methods to maintain and repair your unit.

Some of the maintenance services they can offer include:

·         Checking the amount of refrigerant inside the unit and possible leaks

·         Checking and sealing duct leakages, if any

·         Examining belts for tightness and their actual wear

·         Determining if the thermostat is working properly

·         Checking terminals and connections and applying coating if needed

·         Checking the electric control sequence to ensure the unit functions optimally


 An AC is one invention we should be thankful for, especially if you live in mainly dry and warm places for the most part of the year.  AC units may last for a decade or two when properly taken care of, giving you value for your money.

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