How Do I Make a Career Change as A Freelance Interior Designer

Freelancing is changing the way people offer products and services. People are looking to land dream jobs after completing their studies. Interior design has great potential for freelancing. The field is growing, and the barrier to entry is relatively low.

Some companies prefer to hire freelancers instead of having full-time employees. Maybe you are looking to make a career change in this field. You need to pay attention to the necessary skills and certifications. Let’s dig deeper into this subject. 

Facts About a Career Change

Changing a career is a common phenomenon today. People change their careers several times in their lifetime. One of the reasons for a career change is frustration. Sometimes you may be unable to use your natural ability or passion in your job. Perhaps you are looking for a realignment of spiritual or personal values. The desire for more money could also trigger career change.

A freelance interior designer in the US earns an annual salary of over $50,000. This figure may drop to $35,000 in some industries. There is also another benefit of being your own boss. Not forgetting the flexibility that comes with freelancing. By being a freelancer, you can select the projects to work on and create a schedule.

Becoming an Interior Designer

With a full-time career, you can become a freelance interior designer. There are some jobs you will not want to do forever. With this in mind, you can change your career and become a freelance interior designer. Sometimes the skills may not transfer. 

With a lot of passion and interest in interiors, you can showcase your skills in the design world. Check Pinterest boards to have different ideas. You can also watch TV shows such as Dream Home Makeover and Grand Designs to find inspiration.

A career in interior design is feasible if you do proper research. Aim to become one of the top-rated interior design freelancers.

Making Money as A Freelance Interior Designer

A diploma or a degree qualification is good enough to start making money in the interior design field. You have the knowledge and confidence to approach and do good jobs for clients. Developing skills further could also be a good idea. To grow your portfolio and gain experience, start working with acquaintances and friends. 

Take small jobs at the beginning. Think about bedroom renovations, bathroom designs, and living room layouts. Use small jobs to gain experience and learn how to deal with clients. You will have ideas on how to develop your style based on customer preferences. Maintain a record of your challenges and experiences while working with clients. When you are ready to handle big clients, look for LinkedIn profile writing service UK for a professional profile.

Turning Passion Into a Job

Changing careers comes with financial implications. There is also a concern for skills and time. Ask yourself whether you are willing to stop your current job to train as a freelancer. Consider if you have enough time to complete a course. If you are not in a discipline related to design, it is important to be careful when making a career change decision. 

Your skill set may not apply to the new career. However, this does not mean that you cannot be successful. 

Another concern when it comes to career change is your abilities. Having an eye for nice interiors may not translate to being a good designer. However, you can learn to draw scale and furniture using relevant software. Interior design drawing equipment and scale rulers can facilitate the training.  

Most American universities offer online diploma and degree courses in interior design. You can enroll in a course and continue with your regular career before shifting. A course could prepare you for a freelancing career. Starting with a diploma in Interior Design could be a good idea. This will help in case you don’t have any interior design background.

In the diploma course, you will learn the interior design basics for a few months. The subjects are based on design elements such as:

  • Light
  • Color
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Pattern
  • Type

Upon completing the diploma course, you can find a job as an interior consultant. A basic understanding of design elements can take your career to the next level. Consider using the knowledge to start a business. This could also be the basis for pursuing commercial interiors. You can also advance your skills and knowledge in program design style.

Many universities offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design. Since most courses are online, you can study part-time and work as a freelance interior designer. Complete the course alongside other commitments such as family. It takes between three years and six years to complete a degree course. 


Making a career change as a freelance interior designer begins with passion. Once you establish your passion, get the necessary knowledge and skills. A diploma or a degree will be enough to get started. Start small and climb up the ladder as you pursue big clients. 

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