How Can You Keep Your Carpet Smelling Fresh Always?

Everybody wants their carpets to smell fresh just like how they did when they bought them. But that’s not how things work, right? Especially when it comes to carpets, things get even harder. They are rough used like nothing else and we still hope for them to maintain their initial good looks.

The effort has to be taken, to sustain the freshness of carpets. Sometimes, mere vacuuming won’t do the trick. Below given are some of the easiest ways in which you can keep your carpet smelling super good, no matter what:

1. Say No to Shoes

Try not to wear shoes inside the house, or at least where the carpet is laid. You know where all your shoes have been to, making it one of the dirtiest things to bring inside your home, especially on your carpets. The dirt sticks to the carpet fiber, making them extremely hard to remove. If not cleaned properly, it can also lead to unpleasant odor all over your house.

2. Baking Soda + Dish Soap Is Magic

If you have decided to DIY your way out of a smelly carpet, then baking soda is definitely your best friend. It is famous for the cleaning and stain removal properties it possesses. When combined with dish soap, it makes an awesome pair.

All you have to do is spray some diluted dish soap on top of your carpet and then sprinkle some baking soda on top of it. Let this sit for some time. Once dried, vacuum the whole carpet. This will give you a clean and fresh-smelling carpet.

3. Carpet Deodorizers Are No Joke

If you are someone who does not have the time and patience to try out a DIY technique, you can go for carpet deodorizers. As the name suggests, they help in removing any bad odor from your carpet. The process involves sprinkling the carpet all over with the carpet deodorizer and then leaving it to sit overnight. Vacuum the carpet the next day and your odor issue will be gone for good.

4. Give Essential Oils a Try

Essential oils have multiple uses, and they also have a soothing smell. This can be used for our benefit in this case. Essential oils, especially tea tree oil, are super effective when it comes to keeping your carpets fresh. Tea tree oil helps in removing excess moisture from your carpet.

It also releases the trapped debris, which sticks on to the carpet fibers. Just mix a few drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water and spray it all over the carpet. You are done.

5. Vodka Can Be of Great Help

This is a lesser-known fact, but vodka can actually help in getting that stubborn stain out of your carpets. Clean the spot where the staining has taken place, then spray some vodka on top of it. Leave it as-is for some time, like 15 minutes or so. Then blot the vodka out and vacuum the spot. This ought to do the trick.

6. Ever Heard of Carpet Shampoo?

If the DIYs don’t work, this means that your carpet needs more work to be done. You can go ahead and buy a carpet shampoo, which is specially curated to get rid of the nasty smell and dirt off of the carpet.

But make sure to do a patch test as the chemicals present in the shampoo may be reactive to the material with which your carpet is made.

7. Keep Your Windows Open

Try crack opening your windows a bit. Let the air flow into your room. This will help reduce the foul smell of the carpet to a large extend. Closed rooms can be smelly, so try maintaining a good airflow into your rooms instead of locking everything up.

8. Treat the Carpet With Ammonia

If you are a pet parent, then you will surely know how often accidents occur, and mostly over the carpet. These accidents, if not dealt with right away, can lead to serious odor issues.

Do not worry, as ammonia is here for your rescue. Boil a cup of water, add a spoonful of ammonia to it. Then spray the mixture onto the area and let it sit for some time. Scrub the area and the smell would be long gone.

9. Lastly, Do Not Let the Stains Sit

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to not let the stain sit. Be it an accident by your pet or a ketchup spill on your carpet, make it a priority to clean the carpet as soon as possible. This prevents the stain from getting more severe and also helps it from not getting bigger.

You can also schedule a carpet cleaning session with a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets once in a while.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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