Here’s Why Brands Matter When It Comes to Vinyl Siding

Are you thinking of installing siding around your home? Want to revamp your exterior by replacing your old, dull, or worn-out siding?

It’s no secret that a home’s exterior is one of the most difficult parts to maintain for a homeowner. That’s because it is exposed to all kinds of harsh environmental elements, which with time, can discolor, corrode and damage your walls.

Installing siding is the best way to protect your home’s beauty and structural integrity. On top of that, siding can boost the value of your home as well as your curb appeal.

That said, not all siding products are crafted the same. Some will look good after installation and in the initial months, but as soon as the rain hits, they start to swell, melt or crack. Hence, you want to be careful when picking the brand to go with if you want a nice finish that will genuinely give you service.

In today’s market, no one does it better than James Hardie. James Hardie siding is known and loved for some unique qualities. Continue reading the article below to learn more.

Beautiful Designs That Add to Your Curb Appeal

The first thing that sticks out about James Hardie products is how they look. They have a more authentic, traditional, and high-quality appearance as compared to most vinyl products in the market.

So, you can bet your home will look terrific after the installation or replacements are done. In fact, they can elevate your curb appeal, making your home look unique and newer than it actually is.

The best part is these sidings are versatile and can go well with most homes, from modern/ contemporary to traditional and farmhouse styles.

High Resistance to Poor Weather Conditions

Many vinyl sidings are not as long-lasting as you would probably hope. They eventually get weak and brittle with age and constant exposure to harsh environmental elements. Consequently, they begin to look unpleasant and can no longer protect your home.

James Hardie siding products are more than five times thicker than what competitors sell and are designed to withstand it all. Being “Engineered for Climate,” they hold up well to mother nature. This siding will not badge with frequent exposure to moisture during the wet season. It is also designed to be non-combustible and, so, quite resistant to fire.

In fact, if well taken care of, your siding can last up to 50 years. So, you can rest assured that the beauty it gives your home will not fade away soon.

Lots of Design Options to Choose From

There isn’t just one choice when it comes to James Hardie siding. You actually have lots of options to choose from depending on the color, texture, and overall design. For example, you can choose smooth, faux-stucco, or cedar-look planks. As for the edges, some popular options include straight edges, staggered edges, or scalloped edges options.

Great Energy Efficiency

With energy costs going up by the day, it is wise to think about how you can make your home more energy efficient. Unfortunately, much of the interior heat is lost when your home is not adequately insulated, more so in the colder months.

So, you end up running the heating throughout. James Hardie products are built quite thick for extra durability. However, this feature also makes them insulating. So, you will definitely notice improved energy efficiency after installing the siding all around your home.

#1 Siding Brand in the Country

Lastly, James Hardie has consistently held the top position for the most popular siding brand in the US.

For a manufacturer who has been in the industry for over three decades, this should give you a clue about the quality of the siding products the brand sells. James Hardie focuses a lot on research and development, so they have stayed ahead in the siding manufacturing business.

Always Get an Experienced Pro to Install James Hardie Siding on Your Exterior

Installing siding is hands down the best way to preserve your home’s structural integrity as well as improve your curb appeal. However, if you want the most out of your buck, ensure you go with the best brand.

James Hardie has consistently been the go-to siding brand for homeowners nationwide. Their products are elegant, durable, and energy efficient. Now, for the best outcomes, choose siding installation professionals specializing in James Hardie sidings. Remember, the best results are a combination of the best products and expert craftsmanship.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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