Here Is a Great Guide as to Why Your Stone Supplier Should Be Working Closely With a Reputable Installer

Natural stone is an impeccable product that oozes sophistication effortlessly and, if you’re like many others that have chosen this material for your hardscaping project, it’s a good idea to go with a supplier that works closely with a reputable installer. In this post, we’ll explain the reasons for this.

You’ll Get a High-quality and Functional Finish When It’s Installed Correctly

It’s one thing to have a superior product, but if it’s not installed properly you aren’t going to achieve a long-lasting and attractive hardscaped area. You need to ensure that the workmanship matches the product in quality.

When your supplier has a reputable installer that they work with regularly, you can have peace of mind knowing if you hire them to do the job that it will be completed to a high standard.

When you work collaboratively with your supplier to find the perfect stone and then with an installer that has plenty of experience, you can streamline the whole process and get a show-stopping finish as a result.

Your supplier can pass on the design ideas that you have come up with and specifications to the installer. This makes it much easier for them to understand your vision and simplifies the installation.

They Work Cohesively Together

When a supplier and installer work together for an extended period, they get to know how each other does business. This includes their products, installation methods, average turn-around times, prices etc. This can minimise the going back and forth and allows the process to move much faster.

Another benefit to choosing a supplier that works closely with an installer is it can save you time. Rather than dragging out the process, you can get it started asap.

Can Save You Money in the Long Run

When stone pavers are installed properly, they should last for decades with no trouble. Our team here at Bonita Stone have seen it all when it comes to dodgy hardscaping projects.

By using a professional installer that your supplier uses often and can vouch for their workmanship, you can be assured that they have adequate experience installing stone pavers on various types of sites and they have an in-depth understanding of the various installation techniques and requirements to give you the absolute best result.

Hiring someone who doesn’t have this kind of knowledge or taking on the job yourself with no prior experience may see you run into issues such as drainage problems, sinking, chipping and pavers shifting out of position. This can detract from the appeal of your paved area and make it unsafe.

As well as manufacturing and supplying superior quality pavers here in Perth, Bonita Stone also have a highly skilled team of specialist installers. This means you can purchase and install your pavers from one place rather than having to collaborate with two separate companies. Not only can this save you money, but there’s no potential for miscommunication or delays.

Why Choose Natural Stone Over Other Hardscaping Materials?

There are many different materials you can use for hardscaping projects. Here are some reasons why choosing a natural stone is a great idea:

It looks aesthetically appealing – The look that natural stone offers is simply unmatched by many other options. It suits almost all styles of homes and comes in endless colors, hues, swirls, and unique formations.

It’s timeless – Natural stone is one of the very few materials that can look better as it ages. It never goes out of fashion and remains classy over the years.

Its hardwearing and durable – Natural stone is exceptionally strong and will last a very long time even when applied out in the elements.

Requires minimal maintenance – Once installed, natural stone needs very little ongoing care to keep it looking its best.

Soft underfoot and comfortable to walk on – Natural stone is a perfect choice for any outdoor application as it offers grip yet is soft underfoot. It is often used for pool areas, entertainment areas and paths.

It’s a natural product – Unlike some other materials, the stone is a completely natural product. There is no need for additives or synthetic ingredients.

Better for the environment – Natural stone recycles well, and old products can be repurposed into gravel, hedging or steppingstones.

A Better Result, Saves Time and Money!

As you can see, there are advantages to choosing a supplier that works closely with an installer or better yet, a supplier that has its own installation team. Natural stone pavers when done well, can look impeccable and enhance a space drastically however, when they are laid incorrectly, they stand out like a sore thumb.

Apart from looking unattractive, if drainage hasn’t been thought out and implemented, it can lead to more serious issues such as flooding. When water has nowhere to go it will run off the pavers and onto or into everything surrounding it.

This can damage your landscaping or worse, your home. Getting it right from the get-go is key to a long-lasting and luxurious-looking natural stone area.

Our team here at Bonita Stone pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive service to our customers and, if you’d like more information on our hand-crafted pavers, installations, or both, contact us today on 0434 086 084 or drop us a line via our website.

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