Here Are 10 Decor Tricks With Faux Bonsai Trees

What do you think of Bonsai trees when it comes to indoor décor?

The beautiful art of growing miniature show trees, Bonsai is mainly displayed in indoor settings. You should know that growing bonsai plants or trees requires dedication, time, effort, and resources. Also, it is a long process.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to go through the growing part. We’re here to explore décor tricks with faux bonsai trees. Oh, and faux bonsai tree means artificial bonsai tree.

We have the perfect solution for you to admire the grace of bonsai trees and plants without growing them. They are no other than artificial trees.

Moreover, bonsai fake trees have been taking the interior design and décor domain by storm. All thanks to their long life, low maintenance, and endless décor options. So, read on to learn about the top 10 décor tricks to give your interiors a lovely ambiance, all using bonsai outdoor and indoor artificial trees.

Windows and faux bonsai plants

Commercial fake trees or faux bonsai plants come with stunning shades of green and rich colorful flowers. So, keeping them by the window will ensure that they get ample sunlight to show off the unique shades and colors it has.

The best way to put it is to place a single bonsai plant or tree in the middle of the window frame. Also, keep the remaining décor on the wall minimalist or muted.

Where should you place your faux bonsai plants or trees?

Like any other small or large artificial trees indoors, faux bonsais do not have any space or light restrictions like natural plants. So, sunlight, regular watering, or clipping worries are off the charts for you. And, this means that you can put them in any room in your house you want.

  • Living room

To get the most of the peaceful essence that faux trees can bring to the living room, make sure that you do not use overpowering decorative elements. You can go for bonsai large artificial trees placed in a focal point of the space. You’ll be amazed to see how it brings the whole space together.

  • Dining room

Every time you sit down for a meal, a fantastic way to lift your spirits is to have faux bonsai trees. Go for small or medium ones in the center of your dining table. This is sure to add a dash of soothing to your eye and make your meal times the best.

  • Bedroom

Adding bonsai trees to your bedroom will accentuate the aura of the space. If you want to bring the outdoors to your bedroom, creating a small but beautiful cluster of faux bonsai trees can be the best option. However, look out for the space you have and the number of trees you bring in.

  • Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a sophisticated and fancy space with this quick décor fix – faux bonsai trees. Put a small-sized bonsai on a wall-mounted shelf or the windowsill. Accentuate the look by adding small marbles or pebbles. And there you can make your bathroom look like a million bucks.

  • Balcony or porch

Large faux trees are the best and easiest trick to elevate the balcony décor and give it a fresh feel. You can get different bonsai plants – it will be something new to try and easy to change as well.

How to style faux bonsai plants?

You can get bonsai indoor or outdoor artificial trees to decorate your house but how do you make other design elements come together. So, always consider these points and you’ll always be the right way.

  • Try to keep it minimalist

Bonsai plants signify simplicity and embody the idea of less is more. So, keep the remaining décor elegant, simple, and minimalist. You can go for soft pastel shades to go along with the green shades and warm lighting.

  • Try to keep it classy

Keep the color palette, wallpaper, lighting, and furniture subtle. Overdoing them can overshadow the simple elegance of the bonsai plants.

  • Try to play with texture

With faux bonsai plants, you can get a stunning range of textures and styles to pick from. Right from tall bamboo shoots, soft willow to cherry blossoms, you have a lot to choose from. Go for experimenting with the rich variety of textures to go along with these plants.

How to pick the right bonsai plant shape?

Here are a few bonsai shapes you can pick for the best artificial plants for the interior spaces as follows:

  • Windswept

As the name suggests, these bonsai plants grow bent towards one side. Imagine as if they are blown over by a gust of strong wind – that is how it looks. Bonsai trees with this shape are sure to add a ton of drama and character to your décor.

  • Upright

Wired to grow straight upward, they have dense foliage and thick trunks. Upright bonsai trees make an ideal table decoration or centerpiece.

  • Cascade

To make things up more dramatic – cascade bonsai trees are the one. They are grown to descend from an elevation. They look as they are defying gravity. And, be assured that your visitors will have their jaws dropped to the floor – looking much like the cascading foliage.

  • Forest

Growing a full-blown miniature forest in a single pot – this is an adorable style of having bonsai trees or plants. You can either go for different bonsai trees or the same kind to create the forest. And, you know what would work best – bonsais with tall and thin-stemmed varieties.

To sum it up

Here you have the best decoration tips with faux bonsai trees. You can go for plenty of other ways by experimenting with it a bit. And, always remember, there is no limit to creativity. Faux bonsai trees are emerging as the next big thing in interior designing and décor. Also, they’re here to stay.

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Home Base Project Team
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