A Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Business Obstacles to Ensure Sustained Growth

Growing a small business means overcoming several obstacles. One of them is combating the energy requirements.

The energy consumption of a business can be reduced by making modifications to its operations and physical plant.

These changes, called “energy efficiency retrofits,” include installing more efficient lighting, using smaller motors or variable speed drives on equipment and replacing old windows with insulated glazing units.

However, these are not all. This blog post will explain how your business can overcome various energy-efficiency obstacles and become energy efficient.

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Energy Efficiency in a Rented Building (Subject to Landlord Approval) 

If you run a small-scale business from a lease space and you’re in a rented space, it can be difficult to control and manage the energy efficiency of an unoccupied building. 

If you don’t control your thermostat and cannot make any physical adjustments, it can be challenging to make the most from the power you’re using.

If you pay for your utility bills, your landlord isn’t likely to be as keen on making sure that energy costs are kept low as they aren’t the ones paying the bill.

Still, you can take several steps to reduce the energy consumption in your building. Some important steps include:

  • Install reflective films on windows: Reflective films reduce heat loss in winters and heat gain during summer seasons. Such films should be placed on east-facing windows to reduce the amount of heat allowed in.
  • Create better lighting: Installing brighter fixtures or changing out bulbs for LED lights helps by reducing the number of lumens you use. A good rule of thumb is to use CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) for light fixtures, which are five times more efficient than incandescent bulbs.
  • Use a timer: By setting a timer to turn off lights, you eliminate the risk of forgetting to switch them off yourself. Better yet, install occupancy sensors that automatically turn to light on and off as needed. Occupancy sensors can cut energy consumption by up to 80%.
  • Install solar-powered chargers for your cell phones: Installing these chargers can help you monitor energy consumption, which is especially important if the utilities are included in your rent. Solar-powered cell phone chargers can reduce your carbon footprint and help you monitor how much power you use every day.

Note: Make sure you have the landlord’s permission before implementing the above tips. 

Sustainable Office Habits Your Employees Need to Know

Listed above are the things you can implement as a small-business proprietor to improve your energy efficiency in a rental building.

However, there are many other cost-saving tips that you could apply anywhere. 

This is regardless of whether your workplace is rented, an asset you own, or even working from your house. What’s more, you need to educate your employees about adopting the below-mentioned habits to ensure more energy savings:

  • Using power strips: Your employees can control what appliances and machinery are on or off by using a power strip. This ensures that they turn everything off when you leave for the day.
  • Reuse and Recycle: This can be quite an effective way of managing your business’s energy efficiency. Your employees could use the same paper for copiers or printers multiple times. Doing so reduces the amount of energy and paper required to produce new documents each time.
  • Set Equipment to “Sleep Mode”: Setting the equipment to sleep mode helps reduce the amount of wasted energy. When your employees’ computer is away from the desk, it’s in sleep mode. So it will consume less energy, leading to increased energy savings.

Hire an Affordable Energy Company

Overcoming energy obstacles also involves lowering your energy bills. Though the above-listed practices surely help, it’d be best if you connect with an affordable energy provider like MayFlower. They are small business electricity providers and help new businesses become more productive by lowering their energy bills. 

When you have to pay a low amount per unit of energy consumed, you can significantly cut your energy expenditures. As a result, you can expect better business growth, something your new business desperately needs!

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