4 Flowers that Work as Natural Insect Repellents


Insects can be a significant threat to your beautiful garden. They can damage the crops or plants in your garden in various ways, such as chewing or biting them. Ants, cockroaches, termites and rodents are mainly responsible for damaging most gardens. While chemical ways like pesticides solve this problem, there is also a natural way to do so.

Consider using flower insect repellent if you’re looking for a natural way to keep bugs out of your vegetable nursery. According to studies, companion planting, which involves placing specific plant types close to other plants, can help keep irritating pests away from your nursery without using chemicals.

The truth is that some of your best-smelling flowers deter bugs with their scents, oils, or even tones. This article will tell all about the flowers in a vegetable nursery that deter all those rodents and pests from destroying your plants.

4 Flowers That Work As Natural Insect Repellents


Asters are really strong flowers that are not very difficult to grow. You will also find them in different sizes and shapes. In simple terms, they can enhance your garden’s beauty and save you a lot of time and effort that would usually go into maintenance.

On top of all this, it is an excellent flower insect repellent. Therefore, they are regarded as one of the best flowers you must have in your garden. Without them, maintaining your garden would be very difficult.

Because of its ability to deter pests, many gardeners plant these flowers on the edges of the garden as borders. Asters can repel all kinds of pests, so keeping them on the garden’s edges prevents insects from entering altogether.

Some people plant them next to colourful plants like the sunflower for a color effect, while others isolate them for the sole purpose of repelling pests.


Calendula has an extraordinary ability to attract helpful insects. In a way, this helps with keeping destructive or harmful bugs away from your lovely flower garden. Some of the helpful insects that this flower attracts include butterflies and honey bees, which greatly help pollination. The other valuable bugs that Calendula can attract are ladybugs, hoverflies and lacewings.

These insects help keep destructive pests like leafhoppers, storm bugs and corn fleas at a safe distance from your lawn. What many people do is use this Calendula as an insect magnet. That way, it attracts all the pests, leaving the beautiful flowers in your garden free from insects.


Chrysanthemums are another pretty species of plants that could enhance your garden’s overall beauty. They, too, can be grown in different shapes and sizes. Adding their ability to deter destructive pests to their natural beauty makes them one of the most preferred flowers in a garden.

A pyrethrin chemical gives these flowers the ability to repel or kill harmful insects. This chemical only works against insects and is entirely harmless to birds and mammals. You can easily prevent bugs from entering your garden by planting chrysanthemums. It also unlocks the option to protect specific plants by growing these flowers next to them.


If you are a leafy vegetable gardener, you are well versed in the sorrow of losing your crops to vegetable insects. So how do you protect your green crops from these harmful pests? One of the most widely used methods to protect leafy vegetable crops from getting destroyed by insects is planting geranium flowers around them. Geraniums are known to protect your green crops from cabbage worms, corn earworms and Japanese beetles.


While other manual methods like using pesticides to protect your gardens from pests and rodents take a lot of time and effort. If you’re a busy person already occupied with other daily life works, using these plants as a natural repellent will significantly help you.

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