Five Tips to Make a New Place Feel Like Home After You Move

Moving to a new place is a transformative experience that brings both excitement and challenges. While the idea of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and adjusting to a new place may seem overwhelming, it also brings the opportunity to be creative and have a better chance at life. Once you finally move in, the urge to make your new space feel like home becomes inevitable. 

The best part about moving is the freedom to renovate your new place to your liking and bring your imagination to life. Besides enhancing the aesthetical appeal and functionality, making your new house a more comfortable and functional space adds significant value to the property. Especially if you’ve bought a house in South Florida, where the housing market recently gained $23.7 billion with no.1 ranking owing to massive domestic migration, ensuring your home makes an impressive first impression is highly important. 

However, even if you have rented a place to live for a couple or more years, adding some personal touches is important to foster a sense of familiarity. 

In this article, we will share some useful tips to make your new place feel like home, so let’s start! 

Moving Made Easy

Moving to a new house may feel unfamiliar and impersonal. However, incorporating sentimental items like photographs and heirlooms can create a sense of home and evoke a warm and comforting atmosphere.

It’s important that you find reliable movers to ensure that these items reach your new place intact, as you wouldn’t want to lose pieces you are emotionally attached to.

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Moreover, they use safe packing material and specialized trucks to ensure a safe move. They also have enough insight into legal matters and documentation. You can look them up on their website for further detailed information and online reviews if you want to know more. 

Tips to make your house feel like a home

Ensure a Cozy Atmosphere

Ensuring a welcoming atmosphere helps turn your house into a sanctuary where you can feel comfortable and at ease. A cozy environment is also important for your emotional well-being. You can follow different ideas to experience a welcoming atmosphere. For example, you can start by updating your fixtures to add warmth to your house.

Using yellow or warm white tones to ensure a welcoming ambiance and a sense of relaxation can do the job. Likewise, you can introduce floor lamps, table lamps, and string lights to add a warm glow to different corners of your house. Adding dimmer switches is also a great idea to adjust the lighting depending on your mood and activities. 

Additionally, adding comfortable furniture and textile is another amazing way to enhance coziness and create a sense of belonging. Investing in a plush sofa, cozy armchair, or a reading nook where you can curl up and enjoy reading a book are all great ideas to enhance the ambiance of your house. Lastly, you can opt for soft cushions and throw blankets in earth tones and layers of rug and curtains to add more depth and warmth to your space. 

Add Indoor Plants and Nature Inspired Object

Adding indoor plants is an excellent idea to elevate the look of your house, purify the air, and introduce a touch of nature to your atmosphere. You can find plants in different sizes and shapes with varying qualities. You can buy in any size and mix and match them to add elegance and uplift your house’s environment. 

Apart from adding plants, you can also add objects inspired by nature to make your house feel more welcoming and refreshing. For instance, you can achieve a more nature-inspired ambiance by using an embellished stone wall.

Similarly, you can add bamboo-inspired elements, including blinds and flooring, to add a touch of sophistication. All these natural elements can add harmony and belongingness to your space. 

Use cozy fragrances in every room

Besides visual and tactile elements, scents also play a vital role in contributing to the warmth of your house and making it feel like home. Fragrances like scented candles, oil diffusers, and room sprays are cheap upgrades to uplift your space and evoke emotions and feelings.

For example, diffusing lavender is a great idea to promote relaxation and rejuvenation before bedtime. Additionally, you can use seasonal scents to make your home feel more welcoming. Room or linen sprays are also a convenient option to refresh your room with a delightful aroma. 

Perform Regular Decluttering

Cleaning and decluttering are one of the best ways to calm yourself down and feel at home. A squeaky-clean house has a positive impact on mental health. In fact, as per a report by Forbes, an overwhelmed mind can lead to a cluttered house. And a cluttered house, in turn, may lead to mental complications, including stress, anxiety, and attention deficit problems. 

Apart from having mental health benefits, regular cleaning can also be cost-effective. If you spare 1 to 2 hours per week for deep cleaning, you may not have to spend on calling in a professional crew for help. It is after you declutter the unnecessary items and clean your house more often that you realize how peaceful and at home you feel when your house is clean and tidy. 

Create a Space for Hobbies

Creating a separate space for your hobbies plays an important role in making your house feel like home. Whether it’s painting, playing a musical instrument, or practicing yoga, dedicating a separate space for each activity increases a sense of belonging. You can create enough room in your house by assessing the available space and keeping it exclusive for relaxation activities.

This space could be a garage or a spare room. This way, dedicating a separate space for your hobbies will enable you to find a personal retreat within your house. 

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new place and adapting to it can be daunting. Getting used to a new environment requires time, patience, and dedication.

However, adding natural elements, updating the fixtures, and using sweet scents can make your new place feel like home. Leaving one’s comfort zone isn’t an easy feat, but you can make moving enjoyable by focusing on a new beginning rather than on what has ended.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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