Everything You Need to Know About Rainfall Showers

We’ve seen dozens of bathroom trends come and go in recent years, from 70s coloured basin sets to floor to ceiling marble tiles – and everything in between!

As 2022 brings us yet more fashion-forward interior trends, we’re seeing a rise in natural tones, textures and colours. In line with this, rainfall showers have become increasingly popular.
But what is there to consider when it comes to installing one within your new bathroom?
In this article, we share some top tips on the pros and cons of rainfall showers.

What distinguishes a rainfall shower?

You may find yourself wondering what the difference between a rainfall shower and an ordinary shower head is.
A typical showerhead is usually small and slightly curved, giving medium to high water pressure. These are often known as ‘power showers’ due to the hard-hitting dispersal of water, making them particularly good for rinsing.

While some may prefer this level of pressure, others find that this continued speed and weight of the water can cause headaches.

A rainfall shower – also known as a waterfall shower is much larger in size and tends to have either a circular or square head shape. These cover more surface area with water, but it’s important to note these are designed to have far lower water pressure. With more of a moderate sprinkling, this showerhead feels much softer on the skin.

Benefits of a rainfall shower

One benefit of a rainfall shower is that they are considered incredibly modern, and are often found in contemporary homes. Due to this, it’s become a benchmark that many families look for when scouring the property market for their dream homes.

If you can invest in a sleek rainfall shower within your bathroom, this will no doubt be a big tick for lots of potential buyers. Another benefit of a rainfall shower is simply the experience of using one. They are noticeably different from conventional shower heads that we’re all so used to. The gentle spray of water feels incredibly soothing on the skin’s surface, and therapeutic on the scalp.

Disadvantages of a rainfall shower

The number one disadvantage of a rainfall shower that sometimes puts people off is the steeper price point. Due to these shower heads being much larger size and using modern technology, they are more costly than traditional smaller shower heads.

Another con for waterfall showers is that they produce much more moisture that can gather in your bathroom overtime. To avoid this condensation from effecting your walls, ensure you use the appropriate bathroom paint and remember to ventilate the room after use.

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Home Base Project Team
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