Does Tile Roof Increase Home Value?

When the time comes to get a new roof, you owe it to yourself and to your home to take some time comparing all available roofing materials before making a final selection. If you do, there is a good possibility that you will opt for a tile roof. This is because tile roofs are not only aesthetically pleasing; the variety of tile colors and styles will surely complement the architectural look you want for your property.

If these were not reasons enough to go with a tile roof, it is also interesting to note that tile roofs remain the most popular roofing option throughout the world, and the fact that a tile roof increases the value of a home may have something to do with its popularity. You can go here to learn more about the right skills your roofer must have to do a professional tile roof installation.

What are the main advantages of installing a tile roof?

There are many advantages to installing a tile roof on your home. Among them:

Tiles are Weather Resistant

Whether they are made out of clay or concrete, roofing tiles have acquired a solid reputation due to their ability to withstand not only high winds and hail, but they even do great when there is a fire. Tiles are also the roofing of choice during hurricane season because of their tolerance to extreme weather events.

Tiles Help Reduce Energy Bills

The way roofing tiles are installed leaves a gap under them. This small gap serves to prevent the sun’s rays from entering your home, thus reducing your need for air conditioning. When your AC is on less often, your energy bills decrease.

Tile Roofs Need Little Maintenance

Roofing tiles are so resistant and durable that they require very little maintenance, leaving more money in your pocket.

They Are Resistant to Pests

Insects that damage other roofs have no interest in settling within tile roofs. This point alone may save you thousands throughout the lifespan of your roof, particularly when you compare what damage insects can cause to other types of roofs, like those made of wood.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Clay and concrete are made from the earth’s minerals, a sustainable resource. If they ever need to be removed, they can easily be crushed and recycled. Often, they are used as a base for new roads.

You Have Plenty of Options to Choose From

Nowadays, there are so many different styles and colors of roofing tiles that you may have difficulty deciding which one would work best for your home. When in doubt, call your expert roofer for a good recommendation.

They Are Extremely Long Lasting

It is not uncommon to hear about tile roofs that last 50 years or more. This means that when you install a new tile roof over your home, you will never have to think about a roof replacement again. Imagine what this does to the value of a home! When you are trying to sell it, the new homeowners can be reassured that they are buying something very long-lasting, and if you are the buyer, finding a home with a tile roof means you will never have to worry about a roof replacement again.

Other Issues to Consider

Although it is clear that a tile roof has many advantages, you need to consider other aspects of a tile roof when choosing the perfect roof for your home. To begin with, it is important to know that tiles are heavy.

For this reason, the home where they will be installed must have adequate structural reinforcement to make sure tiles are supported safely. Before installing tiles, make sure a professional roofer pays a visit to the home to verify that the structures are in place to receive the tile and hold its weight.

When a tile roof is to be installed, it is also critical to use flashings specially designed for tile roofs. Not doing this is a risk factor for the failure of the roof.

Finally, although tile roofs require very little maintenance, living in areas where humidity is common, like Florida, means there is a risk that the tiles might get dirty and that algae will bloom on them. Not to worry, algae on tiles can be easily washed off with a special solution that will keep them algae-free for years. Call your professional roofer and enjoy your tile roof for many years to come.

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