Design Tips to Keep Your Decor Timeless

Whether you’ve found you forever home or you are renovating a place and want to maximize its value, keeping décor timeless is such an important facet of interior design.

Interior trends come and go, so following them too closely might leave you needing to redecorate every few years, not to mention finding the furniture to match, or failing to realize the full potential of your property when it hits the market.

On the latter point, a recent survey found that over 15% of British homebuyers would cut a huge £10,000 off their offer if they didn’t like the paint scheme in a prospective home.

So, how do you stop your home from succumbing to going out of fashion? Let’s take a look.

Utilise neutral tones

Hey, you may well be a fan of neon pink walls right now – but will it still be the most relaxing hue when you have kids and are trying to get a baby to sleep?

Probably not.

Aside from that, it could put potential homebuyers off your home if you decide to put it on the market in the future.

Add vintage items

By their very definition, vintage pieces of furniture are timeless. If they weren’t, they would be on the scrapheap!

Going vintage doesn’t mean that you have to stick to an old-timey theme for the overall décor. Finding items that blend into your neutral vibe can add personality and character to balance out the sometimes cold feel of neutral palettes.

In fact, blending modern appliances with vintage furniture can offer the best of both worlds.

Stick to ‘natural’ materials

Materials like wooden floors are typically made to last a lot longer than modern substitutes. A laminate alternative may be cheaper, but it could be more prone to damage and warping – at which point it will need to be replaced.

Similarly, when it comes to your furnishings, quality materials will last longer and even age better than cheaper ones.

A leather armchair, for example, will look “well-used” as it creases over time. A cheaper one will become sunken and worn out.

Add artwork and personality

Bringing artwork into space means that you can take the focus away from adding too much furniture or trying too hard with your décor – and potentially going too far with whatever current design idea you have.

Good artwork is timeless, be it a favorite scene or adding nature to your space, and can be removed and replaced depending on how your tastes change over time.

Similarly, adding a sense of ‘you’ into your home also makes it timeless. Pictures of favorite family holidays, momentous occasions, and charting your children growing up add to your décor and make it your space.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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