Creating an English Country Cottage Interior

The English countryside cottage is a major interior trend right now and many are wondering how they can achieve the look in their own home. Cottages have become a symbol for Englishness and highly desirable since the

Industrial Revolution saw many city-folk pining for a more rural life. This post will look at this trending interior design style and how you can achieve the look in your own home.

Why is it Trending?

So, why is the English countryside cottage aesthetic gaining popularity once again? It is likely that the pandemic has had an impact with many people spending more time at home and often working remotely. The English cottage aesthetic is all about creating a cosy and welcoming look in the home that can make a big difference to how you feel.

Another reason that this is a popular choice is that you do not need to live in a cottage to achieve this look as there are things that you can do in modern and old homes, apartments and studio flats to achieve the look.

Styling the Interior

So, how do you achieve the English countryside cottage aesthetic?

Colours & Patterns

Colours and patterns are integral to this style and you should not shy away from bright colours and playful patterns. Pastel colours and floral patterns are key for achieving the look.

Fabrics & Materials

The cost feel is also created with the use of fabric, which can create texture and make the space much more inviting. In addition to different fabrics, you should also try to incorporate natural materials where possible with wood, brick and stone helping to create the look.

Comfortable Chairs & Sofas

Comfort is the keyword with this interior design style, so obviously you need to have comfortable chairs and sofas that people can relax in. You can use throws, cushions and blankets to add colour and texture.


Lighting can help to create a warm and cosy feel in the home. Table lamps are a good option as they can provide plenty of light while keeping a cosy feel and can also add decoration.


There is also a quirkiness to the English countryside cottage interior design style, so you need to be willing to embrace this and take a few risks. Combining different patterns, unique artwork and clashing colours can work well. Additionally, do not make everyone too neat and organized – imperfection adds character.

Decorative Touches

Decorative touches will complete the look and make the space feel more welcoming. Some of the best decorative touches include flowers and plants, and bookcases filled with books and ornaments.

This post should help you to achieve the English countryside cottage interior design style in your own home. This is a trending style that is all about creating a cosy, welcoming and warm feel in the house and it is a fun style because you can be creative and do not have to adhere to any strict rules.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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