Countertop Vs. In-Drawer Appliances: Which Is Better Suited For Your Needs?      

Whether you enjoy cooking or grabbing a morning shake or two, your kitchen can easily become one of your favorite places in the house. You might walk to the water dispenser to get yourself some refreshing glass of water, or signal your fridge to pour a glass for you – either way, your kitchen space can be your safe haven.

Even more so, it can be the make or break space for your counter or in-drawer kitchen appliances. Depending on the availability of space and storage in your kitchen, you can easily opt for a contemporary, or smart kitchen simply based on your selection of appliances.

But wait! You don’t necessarily be bound to the kitchen space you are given, instead, you can mix and match your choice of appliances to create the perfect kitchen. If you are short on space and don’t have the time to clean daily – small kitchen appliances can be your best friend, especially when your big appliances give up on you.

You might consider it to be wise to switch to small, in-drawer appliances if you’re living alone, or opt for countertop appliances if you’re cooking for an audience.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which side to pick, let’s check which is better suited for your needs:

Maintenance and Safety

In-Drawer Kitchen Appliances: You might prefer in-drawer appliances if you prefer equipment that requires less maintenance. By simply taking the appliance out, using it, washing it, and putting it back, you save it from potential risks of being left plugged in.

These appliances would be ideal for you if you don’t have space, electricity, or extra time to spare maintaining your appliances.

Countertop Kitchen Appliances: If you live with your family, or frequently have guests over – you should prefer appliances that have enough power to cook for more people, and require periodic, if not daily, maintenance.

Large appliances that won’t otherwise fit into drawers should go over to the countertop where they can be fixed. Exactly which appliances will those be? Check out these best large appliances here! 

Remote Controlled and Budget Friendly

In-Drawer Kitchen Appliances: The modern small appliances have an option to connect to your phone, and are usually within an affordable range. If you often forget turning appliances off or monitoring the heat levels – forget the hassle and go remote! Simply go for smart kitchen appliances that fit your needs, and aren’t taxing on the wallet, and control them via your phone.  

Countertop Kitchen Appliances: Intelligent big kitchen appliances are the future, but they aren’t very budget-friendly. You can easily get a smart oven, that can adjust heat intelligently, and turn itself off as per the schedule. Or a fridge that gives you alerts, and preserves your food for longer. If you have the space, the electricity, the Wi-Fi connectivity, and the budget – countertop intelligent kitchen appliances are in a league of their own.

Keeping a Stylish & Clutter-Free Kitchen

3d rendering loft and modern concrete kitchen

If you’ve invested a lot of money in a modern kitchen, the last thing you want is for a countertop appliance to stick out like a sore thumb, and take up a lot of your precious worktop space. That’s where integrated appliances are really useful, seamlessly fitting into your kitchen cabinets, so you don’t have to compromise on style. One of the most popular integrated kitchen appliances these days is a wine fridge, which can also double up as a stylish wine display cabinet, perfect when entertaining friends or family.

Meal Preparation Speed

In-Drawer Kitchen Appliances: Time is of the essence, and small kitchen appliances are here to deliver. With dedicated choppers and blenders, you can get your items sorted in a matter of minutes.

If you have little to no time to spare cutting your vegetables correctly or preparing a blend of sauces – small appliances can do all that and more before, during, and after the meal preparation.

Countertop Kitchen Appliances: While many big kitchen appliances help prepare your meal, more often than not, they are not as speedy. Simply getting the temperature to your liking, or washing the appliance after use can take anything from a couple of minutes to hours depending upon the appliance.

Additionally, you can also buy a specifically dedicated appliance that serves a particular need but only if you have the funds and space available.

Green and Eco Friendly

In-Drawer Kitchen Appliances: worried about the environment and your bills piling up? Go green with your choice of in-drawer kitchen appliances. The technological advancement encourages the use of electric kettles, coffee makers, blenders, and more that have a wastage-free design, and don’t consume much energy.

Save space and money with eco-friendly small appliances that are smart enough to operate only when they need to and have auto-switch options.

Countertop Kitchen Appliances: Sometimes big saving requires a big investment. If you have the use, the budget, and the space – eco-friendly big appliances are very beneficial. You can opt to get ovens that have multiple settings to cater to different cuisines or get a dishwasher that saves you water. However, you would have to explore whether your consumption is enough to use the countertop appliance or not.


Depending on your availability of space, need for speed, efficiency, time savings, maintenance, and safety – you can select in-drawer kitchen appliances or countertop ones.

Before you decide on which one to invest in, prioritize by necessity, importance, durability, and versatility of appliances. Then, compare that with your lifestyle choices and your long-term plan on using the appliance itself. Once you’ve done your thinking, take your pick!

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