Key Things to Know About Corner Guards for First-Time Buyers

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, it is essential to protect all its aspects as best as possible to enjoy the place for a long time. However, most folks do not realize that wall corners are highly susceptible to damage, particularly in high-traffic areas such as corridors or hallways.

Thankfully, high-quality wood corner guards can effectively shield these vulnerable areas and protect them from all sorts of damage while seamlessly blending in with the surrounding décor. In addition, they come in exciting colors, shapes, sizes, and intriguing designs, allowing buyers a vast collection to choose from.

People about to purchase these fantastic products for home or office use for the first time can refer to the points below for guidance.

Typical Uses

Many modern constructions leave wall corners and other edges susceptible to damage, primarily due to poor design or low-quality materials. Consequently, corridors and other outer areas in healthcare facilities, the hospitality industry, and other high-traffic fields get damaged quickly as numerous people pass through daily.

Corner guards provide the much-needed protection to these vulnerable areas, including panels and coverings, shielding them from potential daily harm. They are excellent in high-pressure areas like delivery zones, simultaneously keeping products and people safe.

Moreover, they can save maintenance costs since the edges stay untouched, preventing wear and tear. You can replace the guards when they become defunct, replacing them with a newer variant that works just as efficiently.

Varieties to Choose from

Vinyl variants are incredibly robust and can hide scratches exceptionally well, blending seamlessly with the area due to a matte finish. Standard ones are easy to install and allow for any of the significant adhesive methods, such as nails or double-sided tape. In contrast, plastic guards will easily show any scratches, although they are strong like the vinyl ones.

However, many prefer wood models since research indicates that it has beneficial properties, such as an antibacterial ability that can calm patients in a medical environment. Also, it looks more stylish than artificial materials, adding a touch of elegance to the areas it is used in. Many products are excellent to paint over and come with tapered ends that allow them to blend into the corner discreetly.

Where to Buy

While there are protectors made of vinyl, plastic, and other materials, it is prudent to consider investing in wood corner guards sold by reputable manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, it is a solid material with many benefits, enabling users to have a worry-free time as they protect their wall corners and other edges. Also, respected vendors provide high-quality, affordable products designed to meet the specific needs of their clients.

For instance, a modern fluted variant turned on both sides or go for a wide, square one, depending on the edge type and other factors. Remember, dependable companies make their products from tested and genuine Maple, Appalachian Red Oak, or Cherry wood, to name a few. They also hand-sand each item with sandpaper, making it ready for quick installation.

Finally, renowned vendors will provide other significant wood items, such as furniture legs, balusters, finials, island legs, and knobs for doors or closets.

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