Checks to Do on Every New Build Home

The process of buying a new home can be an extremely tedious task that extends over several months and so when the time comes to finally move in, you’ll want nothing more than to simply relax in your new home.

Before you can do any of this relaxing however, you must perform checks – especially if you’re moving into a new build home. This is to ensure you are not moving into a house filled with problems that you will be left to fix which has happened to people in the past.

There are several stages where you should be checking for certain errors around your prospective home and here are our top tips for performing checks on your new build home.

What to check when viewing the property at the handover

Once you have got the keys for the first time, you’ll have your first real opportunity to test all of the superficial items around the house. These are things that tend to be an easy fix that can be organised easily with your real estate agent.

Begin by testing each of the light switches around the house to make sure they are all in working order, if they are not then there may be a wiring issue. Next, test the sinks and toilets around the house, is the water dispensing correctly?

If not then you may require a  24 hour plumber in Cincinnati OH to fix the errors. Finally, test all of your locks, internal and external to ensure you have your full privacy and security from unwelcome guests.

Whilst these things may seem like small inconveniences, they could impact your day-to-day life a lot which you shouldn’t stand for with a new build house.

What to check when moved in

Now that you have moved in, you’ll start to get a feel for what’s right and wrong with the home simply by living in it. Some of the features of your house you’ll want to make sure are correct include your floorboards, door fittings, boiler and insulation.

Perhaps the most important item to check however, is your electricals as this could prove fatal if there is an error here. Use non-contact voltage and magnetic field indicators which such as these ones to quickly detect electrical issues within the wiring of your new build. This will make sure all sockets and appliances are receiving the correct voltage.

Whilst most new build homes will be perfect inside and out, there are 205,000 houses built annually in the UK, so the chances of some having some errors that go unchecked is high. Don’t let this be your home and perform these checks and report any problems immediately.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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