Casual or Extravagant: Which Curtains Work With Your Space

Every home decor decision starts with one simple question: casual or extravagant? 

Whether you’re looking at wallpaper, furnishing, floor coverings, the choice must be made. With curtains, it’s no different, and you’ve got more options than you can imagine. 

Casual curtain designs are effortless, easygoing, and don’t draw too much attention when you walk into a room. Extravagant ones are far more exciting, engaging, and have a certain “wow factor” that some people just can’t live without. 

There is a style spectrum, of course, and it’s up to you to find the sweet spot that fits your preferences and the existing attributes of your space. 

Let’s figure out how to pick the perfect curtains and create an atmosphere you can enjoy for years to come.

Casual Curtain Options

Why complicate things when it comes to home decor? That’s the philosophy that many people take when moving into their new home or apartment. 

Casual does not mean boring – don’t forget that! Here is the approach we take to curtains when you want to stick to the basics and keep things simple.

Reliable Neutrals

No need to go over the top with colors when opting for casual curtain designs. Neutral colors offer a surprising amount of variety without being distracting or in-your-face loud.

Sand, cream, olive, and tan colors look great for curtains of all kinds, and draw more attention to subtle design decisions in your furnishings and accoutrements throughout the space. Don’t count out olive, khaki, and charcoal grey variations to tap into those earthy tones.

We love neutrals for beginner home decorators because you really can’t go wrong with any pick. This is how you can achieve an upscale and organized look while maintaining a casual feel.

Clean and Cropped

It’s not just the colors and patterns that determine the look and feel of your curtains. How the panels are shaped and cropped also factor into the equation.

Remember that the size and shape of your curtains make a huge difference in the atmosphere of the room, even if you don’t make those conscious calculations in real time. 

For a casual and clean look, opt for more squared, cropped curtains that don’t touch the floor or gather excess fabris on either side of the window.

Practical Matters

Do you need a complex mechanical feature to draw your curtains in and out? How about better light and sound management from your curtains? Is it strictly about looks? 

These the practical choices that should factor into your curtain selection, so account for all those details and more.

After all, casual home decor is about living comfortably and simply without unwanted complexities. Sometimes you just want a light, no-frills curtain with a unfussy color scheme to cover your window and call it a day.

Don’t feel pressured to overcomplicate your curtain scheme if that’s not what you want! A casual vibe at home is about your own preferences and no one else’s.

Extravant Curtain Picks

At some point you may want to some more exciting, extravagant curtains into your living space. Here’s how you should go about this process while maintaining balance and class throughout.

Experiment with Size

Let’s not forget the importance of size and shape when looking at curtains. Even with a basic pattern and neutral colors, choosing longer or broader curtains can instantly create a more luxurious look.

You can lengthen your favorite curtains or add more width on either side to create a bunched look or an indulgent “puddle” look as they gather on the ground beneath your window.

Splashes of Color

Lavish curtains aren’t just long and heavy. They’re also bold and original in color. 

This is your chance to think beyond the basics and incorporate exciting new colors that may not be considered “safe” or predictable by old-school interior designers.

Here is where bright reds, yellows, greens, and blue curtains come into play, and varying degrees of transparency can offer a more textured appearance. These choices may not always be practical, but they can definitely work for your space with a bit of planning.

Adventurous Patterns

Just one color is never enough for an enhanced home interior! Start checking out what patterns are available in the curtain market and go beyond average.

Sand, sky, and classic floral patterns look good year-round, while bolder patterns can include depictions of flora, fauna, and more.

You can always level up your curtains further with add-ons like curtain scarves and other bits of flair that bring more character to your space. Get creative. Based on the season or occasion, or remove these extras as you see fit.

Your Perfect Curtains are Waiting

Between shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and fixtures, you’ve got a wide range of options for curtains at your fingertips. From casual to over-the-top, there is a curtain style out there that will fit your needs to perfection.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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