Crucial Vastu Tips for Your Child’s Study Room

Parents frequently express dissatisfaction with their child’s performance after moving to a new school, room, or home, but they pay little attention to the direction changes that accompany these changes.

The environment of a child’s room and the direction they study in have a significant impact on their performance. The amount of time a youngster spends studying is not as important as their focus and retention abilities. It’s crucial to create an environment in the study space that can increase students’ capacity for learning and focus.

Studying at Home

Kids are learning at home and are mostly using tablets, computers, and mobile devices to attend online classes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It becomes even more crucial for them to adhere to vastu principles so that any negative effects brought on by the usage of electronics can be reduced or eliminated. Here are a few vastu tips for the study space of your youngster.

Relevant Advice

• The study room should always face either the east or west of the house; the north is a close second.

• When studying, the youngster should face east or north, and all of their accolades, awards, trophies, and posters of encouragement should be hung on the east or north wall. Over their study table, there should be no cupboard or beam.

• Avoid placing a door directly behind the desk chair. Instead, place a wall there.

• The study table should have a clear space in front; however, if this is not possible and the table must be placed along a wall, leave a small space between the two to allow for energy flow.

• Hang a motivational poster on the wall instead of letting the child stare at an empty space in front of them.

• The child’s study table should be square or rectangular in design, and you can keep clear quartz on it to improve attention.

• Keep the east and north walls light, and you can install bookcases or other storage units on the south and west walls. Keep your books in a closed cabinet rather than piling them up on the study table.

• To ensure adequate lighting without obstruction, keep the desk lamp to the left of the study table, and place the computer to the southeast or northwest of the table.

• Any mirror that can be seen from the study table should be removed because it can be distracting.

• Pastel and subdued colours should be employed in the study space. Pale yellow and off white are appropriate for an eastern room, violet for a north-east room, and pastel green for a north study area. The best colours for the study room are ivory, off-white, and white.

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