Best Design Ideas for Conservatories to Enhance your Home

The first conservatory in the UK was built in 1841. Conservatories were used in their early days to protect rare plant collections. Since the 1970s, conservatories have become a unique feature of many homes.

Built onto the side of a home, they provide an extra room that doubles up as a sunroom. However, you can use a conservatory in any way you please. Plus, it adds value to your home. Here are some of the best ideas for conservatories to enhance your home.

Not Much Space?

If you have a very small or oddly shaped space in the garden at the side of your house, you still have the option of adding an observatory. The design is important as you want to make sure the house looks balanced and does not overwhelm the garden area. So, you will want to keep the design simple.

A domed roof works well in a smaller property. It gives an illusion that the indoor area is far more spacious. At the same time, it does not overpower the garden. If the house has a low roofline, a lean-to or Edwardian hip-back is eminently suitable.

A city townhouse is not automatically barred from having a conservatory. It is usually possible to fit a small conservatory at the back of the building. It will bring light into the interior of the home and seem to extend further.

The Classic Conservatory

Original home conservatories followed a Victorian style, which came to be known as the Classic Conservatory. When erecting a classic conservatory, be sure to match materials and colours correctly. This includes aligning your design to the age of the house. Frames and bricks should blend well with the bricks of the house. Soft greys and greens are typically used in the interior of the conservatory. Instead of glass for the roof, some people opt to use tiles. This is fine as long as the colour of the tiles is matched to the glass walls.

While a classic conservatory is magnificent, this is dependent on it being attached to a suitable house. The style must complement the home. If your home is a period property, then either the Edwardian-style or the Victorian-style conservatory are good a choice. Neither one of these styles would suit most modern structures, as the architecture is too different.

The Modern Conservatory

While there are more options for variety with modern conservatories, the best look remains the simple one. Sleek lines with lean-to glass extensions have a better appearance than ornate designs, unless this fits with the style of your home. Nevertheless, if you contact a company with home design ideas and experience in fitting conservatories, you will be shown how to ring the changes, such as with a hexagonal or octagonal floor design.

A conservatory brings light and the outdoors into the home. This can be extended with bi-fold doors that make the space seem larger. If neighbours overlook your property, you may want to consider a tiled roof.

The best guide to settling on an idea for a conservatory is what will match your existing home.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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