7 Ways to Give Your Home a Facelift

Homes age with time, and new designs and styles are introduced in the market regularly. Your home’s curb appeal impacts your guests’ first impression and value of your house.

A facelift is a great way to boost your home’s aesthetics, improve its look and feel, and increase return on investment, especially when looking to sell.

Assess your home to identify the areas that need improvement, research, and create a budget towards enhancing them.

This article outlines seven ways to give your home a facelift. Turn your entry door into your home’s focal point

Your home’s exterior door makes a perfect focal point, especially if you’re keen on the design, door material, and accessories near it.

This improves aesthetic appeal and allows you to show your style and taste. External doors come in various materials, including steel and wood. When stained in rich colors, wood doors give your home a classic, traditional look.

Color also counts, so pick a front door color that resonates with your home’s surroundings and overall style. Mail slots, greenery, and wreaths can help decorate your door.

Installing benches and planters can also boost your front door’s appeal. Doors Plus or any other door expert can provide you with various high-quality entry door options at an affordable cost.

If you’re working with a tight budget, painting the front door with a different color can do the trick.

Replace the Windows

New windows can make your aging home feel new while increasing curb appeal and home value. Vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows come in various exterior and interior finishes to suit your style and your home.

When well installed, windows can help reduce your energy bills. Making your home energy-efficient, mainly when selling, can help your home sell quicker.

Updating your windows controls airflow, making your home more comfortable. It can also reduce wear and tear on your AC and furnace.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint on your walls improves your home’s look and feel. To determine if your walls require a touch-up, consider whether the existing paint is fading, how long it’s been since you repainted, or is damaged.

Paint is a great way to handle cracks, stains, and mold, especially after treating it. A fresh coat of paint is an ideal home improvement project when you want to sell.

With so many color palettes available in the market, you can pick one or combine more depending on your style and preference.

However, if you’re painting to sell, neutral colors are your best bet because they appeal to many and don’t indicate personalization.

Invest in Landscaping

Good landscaping allows your home to stand out and makes an excellent first impression. To make your lawn attractive, add vertical elements into your landscaping design to improve the appeal and save space.

Incorporating more colors into your landscape can improve curb appeal. Install planters, plant annual flowers, include container gardens, and integrate fresh cut flower gardens.

You can add a new mulch, trim back overgrown shrubs and trees to create an inviting home exterior. When choosing the plants to add to your exterior, consider proportions.

Incorporating hardscaping, including fire pits, stone pathways, retaining walls, gazebos, pergolas, fountains, and driveways, can also improve landscaping.

Upgrade Your Exterior Lighting

Your lighting choices should complement your home’s style, and their placement should be purposeful. Audit your home’s exterior to determine the areas that need lighting.

Besides highlighting your property’s unique features, outdoor lighting improves safety and makes your spaces livable and comfortable even after sunset.

Based on your yard’s needs, you may consider security lighting, path lighting, string lights, lanterns, outdoor wall lighting, deck lighting, and spotlighting.

Combining two or more of these lighting options can boost your curb appeal and increase your property’s worth. Choosing LED exterior lighting can also reduce energy bills and allow you multiple lighting color options for your yard.

Add a Patio or Deck

Adding a patio allows you to customize your space to suit your style, preferences, and exterior features.

Installing a well-designed deck or patio with an exquisite finish in your yard adds to your aesthetic appeal, increases your home’s value, and adds an entertainment area where you can host family and friends.

You can find many porch and patio ideas online or from other sources.

Install a New Roof

Investing in a roof gives your home a makeover and increases its value. It also increases aesthetic appeal and allows you to add new features such as dormer windows, skylights, vents, and a chimney.

Roof replacement gives you a chance to change your home’s look to create an excellent first impression. Entrust your roofing project to experts for amazing results and to protect your new roof’s warranty.


Upgrading your property increases its worth, boosts curb appeal, and improves style. Consider using these tips to give your home a facelift.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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