7 Signs You Need Pool Maintenance in Sarasota Area

If you’re looking for an affordable way to extend your swimming season, look no further than pool maintenance in Sarasota.

A well-maintained pool will increase the longevity of your entire pool and ensure that it remains safe and clean while in use.

With the average cost of a pool maintenance visit between $109 and $347, it can lead to thousands of savings in future repairs avoided.

But how do you know when to call out pool maintenance companies in the Sarasota area? Keep reading to learn the top 7 signs you need pool maintenance services in the Sarasota area.

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Algae Growing in Your Pool

If you see a green or black film coating your pool’s surface, algae is growing. Algae growth is actually quite common and occurs when there’s too much chlorine in your pool or not enough sunlight.

If you want to keep algae at bay, try installing an automatic chlorine dispenser for an efficient addition of chlorine to your pool water. Additionally, make sure that you’re adding algaecide regularly.

Algae growth doesn’t mean you need to drain your pool and start over. In fact, algae is a natural component of swimming pools.

However, it can create unsightly black or green streaks on your pool’s walls and floor if not controlled by a professional water treatment service. If left unchecked, algae can clog filters and irritate swimmers with its rubbery texture and strong odor.

Experiencing Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is a sign that something is out of balance. If you can’t see through your pool, it’s likely there are too many particles suspended in it for you to enjoy swimming or other recreational activities.

The most common cause of cloudy water is leaves and dirt that have entered into your pool, but chemicals left over from winterization may also be to blame.

If you notice that your pool water is cloudy, there are a few things you can do to address it. The easiest is to skim the top of your pool—this removes leaves and other debris before they have a chance to sink and cloud up your water.

If your leaves are just at or near ground level, you may be able to vacuum them out with a pool leaf skimmer. If that doesn’t work, use your hose to remove them manually.

Filtration System Not Running Smoothly

Any Sarasota pool owner knows that regular pool maintenance is a necessity. But if you don’t know when it’s time to call a professional, your pool could be at risk for serious damage.

The filtration system—or lack thereof—is often an early sign of trouble.

A clogged or improperly operating filtration system is one of many common problems that can lead to bigger issues, such as sediment buildup and green water.

These issues can damage your pool liner and force you to replace it—an expensive ordeal. Plus, if not maintained properly, a poorly running filtration system won’t protect swimmers from contaminants like algae.

Unpleasant Smell Around the Area

A pool that is not being cleaned, or maintained properly will start to smell bad. A foul odor coming from your swimming pool can be a sign of algae growth, which means that you need to call a pool service for regular maintenance and cleaning.

It’s also possible that you may have turned on your filter improperly and it is emitting a foul smell. If you notice any changes in water color, check for debris and clean it out accordingly.

If you have a pool that is not properly taken care of, you’ll notice an unpleasant smell. This could be caused by mildew, which occurs when there is too much moisture around your pool.

Stagnant water with high levels of chlorine will always lead to bacteria growth and an unpleasant odor. In case your water is cloudy or if you see small floating objects, then it might be due to improper filtration, so check your filter and make sure everything is okay.

Pool Pump Make Unusual Noises when Running

If your pool pump makes unusual noises when it’s running, it could be a sign that you need pool maintenance in Sarasota FL. Pumps require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and long life.

If your pump makes sounds such as banging or gurgling while it runs, consider contacting a professional to inspect it. Noisy pumps often indicate worn bearings, which can lead to failure of your equipment if not addressed promptly.

The most common culprits are pool water that’s too hot or cold, which can make it difficult for your bearings to remain properly lubricated.

You may also need to replace your bearings if you’ve made modifications to your pump, such as replacing a pump basket with an impeller or adding additional seals.

Filter Needs More Frequent Cleaning than Usual

When a filter gets clogged with debris, it needs to be replaced or cleaned. If your SRQ pool maintenance company hasn’t been out to clean or replace your filters recently, give them a call.

It could be that you’re just missing out on all of the benefits of clean water. The easier and more often you can clean your filter(s), the better your pool will look, feel and operate over time!

If you see an unusually large amount of debris like leaves, sticks and bugs then it’s a good sign that your filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.

If you clean or replace your filters at least once a year, you can prevent these problems from getting out of hand. Contact your local pool repair company to get started!

Malfunctioning Pool Heater

A pool heater is one of those necessary but often-forgotten things that can be both a costly nuisance and an enormous safety hazard.

If your pool is regularly turning into a frigid and slimy mess, it’s probably time to look into getting it serviced—or even replaced. A malfunctioning pool heater will not only hurt your monthly utility bill but also endanger anyone swimming in your pool.

Heat from a pool heater keeps your water warm even when it’s cold outside. The device is generally fairly reliable, but there are some telltale signs that indicate it needs service or replacement.

The water temperature isn’t consistent across all areas of your pool, you have to wait too long for your heater to heat up your pool, and/or you see rust or foam around it.

These are all warning signs that your pool heater might be on its last legs.

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