7 Easy Ways to Protect Your Home During a Freeze

Wintertime is both delightful and tremendously harsh. As winter months tend to bring unpredictable mishaps and various weather challenges, most homeowners need to add double protection to their homes.

Especially during freezing temperatures, you cannot leave anything for granted, so you should increase your home’s energy efficiency, protect it against hail and cold weather.

Don’t let anything surprise you, and incorporate some of these easy ways to protect your home.

1. Safe-Keep All the Water Lines

The first thing you should do is ensure that all the outdoor plumbing fixtures and other various exposed water pipes are covered and insulated.

If the outdoor water pipes freeze, you might have a flood inside, or even worse, the whole pipes system could burst.

Hence, disconnect and store away garden hoses, shut off the water to all outdoor faucets and drain the lines.

2. Add Insulation

IF you want to avoid massive damage, another easy step is to add insulation all over the house. Even though this might sound like a costly endeavor, it’s the most effective, long-lasting, and safest way to protect your home.

Opt to buy quality insulation materials such as prodex and insulation4less have to offer and you will see a big difference.

Add insulation to the walls, floors, attic, and definitely insulate the outdoor exposed water pipers located near the exterior walls by wrapping them in insulating layers.

3. Seal All Small Openings and Cracks

You might notice that sometimes no matter how warm it feels inside, you keep feeling chilly. That’s because the freezing air is slowly entering through window cracks and other small openings.

Make sure the windows are adequately caulked, then get a good spray foam insulation to close up all the petite openings around cable wires or phone lines.

It’d also be advisable to check the home’s exterior for any gaps, openings, and cracks once a year, and mend them before the winter.

4. Maintain the Temperature Add an Adequate Level

Heating costs can be utterly high, and very often no matter how much you heat the home it will still be chilly. Therefore, the smartest, easiest, and the most lucrative option is to maintain your thermostat slightly above 65 degrees all the time.

This is beneficial in so many ways. First, it will always be warm inside, the heating bills will be stabilized and you won’t have to worry about pipes freezing or expanding.

Above all, with stable temperature, you also help Mother Nature by not leaving a negative ecological footprint.

5. Clean the Gutters Thoroughly

Full gutters can make immense damage to your house. If you don’t clean gutters regularly there’s a high chance that ice that has formed on the rooftop will accumulate and drain all across your exterior wall, creating a mess, let alone the flood.

Cleaning the gutters from debris and leaves before the freezing temperature can assure a safe and steady flow when the ice starts melting. This is one of the easiest ways to protect your home from build-up ice.

6. Make Sure that Garage Doors Are Closed

It’s utterly vital to keep your garage door closed. If your garage is attached to your home, keeping the door closed will help keep the cold air out.

In this way, you can adequately protect plumbing fixtures in your garage, as well as all the pipes that go through shared walls between the house and garage.

7. Update All the Dated Appliances

As the freezing days approach, you should make sure that all indoor appliances are up-to-date. By changing the outdated appliances and covering the outdoor appliances like the AC, you will automatically increase your home’s efficiency.

During winter days you will be spending a lot of money on energy and heating bills, but by updating your appliances you would certainly cut costs during the winter period.

To sum up, do your best to get steady home insurance in order to additionally protect your home from unpredictable hazards, and go on a vacation to make the wintry days pass faster.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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