7 Best Lighting Trends to Make Your Home Stylish This Year

Sure, using a bare standard bulb will light a room up. But leveraging the latest trends in lighting fixtures will light up the room, create a distinct atmosphere, and revamp your home’s décor.

We’ll provide you with 7 of the top lighting trends that provide functional and stylish ways to bring light and style to your home.    

Keep in mind that what works in one room may not work in the other. Choose lighting fixtures that match the functions of each space.

So, let’s get started.

Vintage Designs

Add an old-school appeal to your home with vintage lighting. From pendant lights for your kitchen island to chandeliers, vintage lights make a statement while giving your home a glam look. 

Industrial Designs

Industrial-inspired interiors have always been a top choice for most interior designers. These lights will give your home a modest, honest, and inviting appeal.

Ceiling Lights

Current lighting trends are turning lighting fixtures into a design focal point. This means carefully selected and positioned ceiling lights, without the fear of going bold or mixing 2 design elements.

Cleaner Designs

Simple designs with minimal lines and a modern touch are at the forefront now. They minimize visual weight by creating a clean uncluttered look and add to the beauty of your rooms.  

Adjustable Lighting

Besides aesthetics, a light fixture that offers high levels of functionality is a priority now. Moveable wall lights, table lamps, swing-arm lamps, and other forms of adjustable lighting are taking the lead this year.  

Wall Sconces

We love wall sconces for their versatility and style capabilities. Besides illuminating any space, they decorate your empty wall spaces. You can also switch off your ceiling lights and create a romantic ambiance with the accent lighting from wall sconces.    

Modern Wall Lights

Traditional wall lights are great, but modern fixtures come with more functionality and a state-of-the-art design. These go well with minimalistic furnishings.

It’s important to choose lighting fixtures that go well with your home décor. Add a playful touch to your lighting fixtures by choosing fun shapes and bold colors to lift up your home’s appeal. 

And if that’s not enough, this infographic from Claxy will provide more details on these lighting trends to help you deck up your home.

Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year
Image Courtesy:Claxy.com
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