6 Tips in Caring for Your Plumbing Fixtures in the Spring

Spring cleaning requires more than clearing your home of dust and dirt. Some homeowners forget to include their plumbing system for spring cleaning. Unattended to the maintenance demands of your plumbing system can cause you more severe plumbing concerns in the future.

Water leaks, broken supply lines, damaged pipes, and defective plumbing can cause insignificant water damage, mildew, and costly repairs. These are the common problems you may encounter if you do not plan maintenance for your plumbing system.

To ensure these things will not happen, spring cleaning is essential. It can save you from unthinkable headaches and expensive repairs down the road. Before these problems become massive ones, make sure your supply lines and pipes are working efficiently.

Luckily, there are still more things to talk about plumbing upkeeping in the spring season. You can start talking about maintenance tasks to ensure your system is working efficiently. Here are the main tips to help you plan for the sunniest time of the year provided by Lex’s Plumbing.

Flush Your Drains

Debris may cause clogged drains that can lead to more severe problems if not managed effectively and quickly. Spring is the best time to make an appointment with a professional drain cleaning service to ensure that there will be no blockages hindering your system.

A complete wash for your drain can prevent the effects of oil, dirt, debris, and other elements that block your system.

Inspect for Pipe Leaks

If you hear weird sounds coming from your pipes, signs of water damage on the outside or inside of your home, increasing the water bill, your piping system may be experiencing a leak. While a leaking faucet may appear so simple, it can cause gallons of water every day.

To prevent high electric bills and save Earth’s natural resources, you must consider contacting a professional plumber to check your system for signs of leaks.

A small leak can result in more severe problems as time passes by. A skilled plumber can distinguish small leaks. It will help you save money and avoid water damage.

Check for Toilet Leaks

Inspect your toilets for suspected leaks. If everything seems normal, put half a dozen drops of food dye into the tank. Wait and see until the dye ends up in the bowl. If the bowl has color after an hour, there might be a leak in the system that requires inspection by an expert plumber.

Maintain Water Heater

Newer models of water heaters are more efficient by 20%, so you check your water heater to see how old it is. Usually, it is better to start considering a new water heater if it is 15 years or older. Despite the age of the system, there are some things you can do to ensure that the water heater is working at its finest.

To ensure you are spending less on your energy costs, ensure you set the system no higher than 110 degrees. For safety purposes, place the objects away from the water heater. It may improve its efficiency.

Test Out Sump Pump

To ensure your sump pump is functioning efficiently, pour some water into the pit where the sump pump lies. It should immediately start, empty the water, then disable. If the sump pump does not do it, you know there is an issue that you need to address quickly.

Plan Plumbing Maintenance

Many homeowners try to resolve plumbing problems themselves to save money, but it is always best to choose a professional to examine your pipes at least once a year. Professional plumbers can do a thorough inspection of your system, find any leaks, give repair solutions, and provide your drain a proper cleaning to guarantee your system is operating as it should.

Follow these six tips, and you will help your plumbing system- functioning well and efficiently. You will spend less or save money on repairs and even lessen your monthly energy costs.

No one wants to face a plumbing catastrophe, but it can occur at any time. It is why plumbing maintenance is essential, especially as you go from a season to another one. The spring season is perfect for preparing your home and plumbing system for other seasons to come. Keep your home maintained and plumbing satisfied by calling us for plumbing maintenance.

So, if you need plumbing maintenance this spring season, call Lex’s Plumbing services now! We are more pleased to be receiving service calls from you. Let our professional plumbers assist you. Give us a call now and schedule your plumbing maintenance.

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