5 Key Things To Consider Before Renting A Property

Renting a new house can be a complex and stressful process to navigate. There is a range of important aspects you will need to consider. There are several recommendations worth mentioning which can make the process of choosing a place more quickly. The factors below will provide you with a guidance to ensure there are no hidden issues.

Budget And Research

Planning your budget is a key consideration when moving houses. If you have a figure in mind, this can help you narrow down your search. Use these handy budget tips for a better estimate of what you can afford.  Alongside this, It is crucial to carry out substantial research to establish your priorities.

It would be beneficial to visualise the type of property you would want to live in. For example, is it important that you have access to a big patio? Are you looking for a contemporary flat? These questions can help you make a decision faster.

If you’ve been evicted in the past – for whatever reason – it can make it impossible to find quality rental opportunities in the future. As such, we’re going to explain how to remove eviction from credit report records. Check Daily Prosper to learn more about this.

Location And Neighbourhood

You will need to think about the location of your new rental property. It is advisable to consider as many details as possible. Check the proximity to work and schools and note the quality of public transportation or traffic levels. Find out what types of shops, bars and restaurants are nearby.

If you enjoy greenery, ensure there are some parks in the area. Instead of looking at a map, try to travel the routes yourself. This will improve your knowledge of the neighbourhood. You can also ensure there are no surprises when you actually do move in.

Electrical Safety

It is vital that the property you are considering is compliant with all government regulations. You would want to have assurance that the landlord has carried out proper examination such as an electrical installation condition report (EICR). When a property is being rented, it is strongly recommended to confirm that the premises remain safe and any issues are identified beforehand.

Trade Facilities Services can provide an electrical safety certificate to landlords ensuring there are no electrical hazards during a change in occupancy. A full overview of the status of the property will be included listing any remedial work needed.

Available Space

Another crucial factor is the space offered by the property. Remember to factor in the number of bedrooms you require. If you plan on having regular visitors, it is worth ensuring there is a  guest room as well. You will need to determine whether you would want a shower, a bathtub or maybe both.

If you are planning to have any alterations done, it would be beneficial to look at guidance on repairs in rented housing. It would be important to consider your responsibilities as a tenant as well as the obligations your landlord has.

Outside Area

Access to the outdoors is a significant factor worth looking into. The possibilities of utilising an outside area are endless. Whether you would like a garden or balcony, there are many benefits you can explore.

For instance, you might want to host parties and family barbecues outside. You would have the opportunity to do some gardening or create a relaxing space for yourself to unwind. Spending more time in nature will improve your physical and mental health.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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