5 Home Renovation Trends To Follow In 2022

So far, the start of 2022 has given us a strong dose of Deja Vu. As we stepped into the new year, the rampage of the COVID 19 pandemic escalated, creating the same scenario of the early COVID 19 phase.

And yes, the Mask mandate has returned.

It is hard to forget what we all have gone through with everything remaining the same. Hence, it makes sense that you might be looking to do something that makes your life feel different. 

Having said that, it is really hard to think of something that can actually change your life. Well, if you look closely, it might not be that hard.

Interior design trends are proving itself to be an effective method to change the mood and persona of living.

Today, we will talk about a few renovation trends that will help you paint your life differently.

2022 should be decorating your home and making yourself happy. And this can be done by renovating your home this year. 

While with all the pandemic and work-from-home scenarios, we are spending most of our time inside our homes. That means our home will play an important role in our well-being.

That being said, why not revamp our living den with these renovation trends.

1. Window Coverings

When a guest comes home, the first thing that sets an example is your home decor, especially the window covering. Window covering always remains a main topic of discussion when two females enjoy their tea.

Window covers are the best instrument to control the amount of sunlight you want in your home and ensure privacy. While most people today are not using any kind of window cover, if you ever decide to use it, always go for soft window coverings.

2. House Plant Galore

Speaking of making interior design changes, it doesn’t always have to do with your house and its design. Simply adding one or two elements can change the persona. In this case, simply having a houseplant galore will completely change the interior feel.

With more and more people working from home, people can hardly interact with nature. That being said, if you can have a house plant galore in your home, you will always be close to nature.

3. Eclectic Fixtures

One of the easiest ways to give your home a face-lift is by simply revamping your light fixtures. The current trend with the light fixture is – The bolder, the better.

Today, light fixtures have become a focal point in life and are no longer a side thought. Having different fixtures can bring character to your home.

4. Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions

Perhaps revamping your kitchen and adding smart kitchen storage is the only thing you need. 

We can’t be blessed with the full chef’s kitchen and storage. Unfortunately, that means we will never have the space for our utensils. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot give your kitchen the space it needs.

You can always install smart kitchen storage to make it more spacious and provide your utensil its own space to rest.

This will not only help you avoid playing utensil Tetris but will also give you something that you will enjoy while cooking.

5. Vinyl Plank Flooring

Redoing your floors can be an extraordinary expense. But in 2022, people have caught on to an affordable option for their flooring in the form of Vinyl Plank flooring.

You might be thinking that installing a new floor will cost you thousands of dollars. However, if we consider vinyl flooring, it is cheaper than a carpet. 

Really, it’s a great way to upgrade your floors.

Final Thoughts

Yes, home renovation can change your life.

After the home renovation, you get a different vibe coming out from home. Your home looks brand new and gives off the sensation you felt when you first entered this home.

However, home renovation is all about perfect planning. Without a plan to plan, your home renovation project might see success.

Before starting your work, be sure to put a plan in place and ensure that everything falls according to the plan.

With the right approach to your renovation, you and your family can look forward to seeing a different side of your home.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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