5 Beginner Friendly DIY Projects & Craft Ideas to Start a New Hobby

Are you looking for some friendly DIY projects and craft ideas to start a new hobby and not sure where to begin? Most of these ideas can be an incredible opportunity to not only keep yourself engaged but also generate some income by the side. 

As a matter of fact, many people have started their well-paying businesses with the help of craft ideas and DIY projects which eventually became their hobbies. 

There are so many possibilities that lie behind such kinds of projects but unfortunately, the starting point can be a little intimidating especially if you’re a beginner. 

However, there’s no need to fear, especially because most of these projects are not only easy to start but also inexpensive. Below are 5 beginner-friendly DIY projects and craft ideas you can start with even with zero experience:-

1. Making jewelry 

This is one of the most exciting crafts that you can adopt. Jewelry making can turn into a great hobby for you and the good thing is that the materials needed for this craft are readily available in the local stores.

 The craft is absolutely inexpensive and you may not even need to spend a dime to get started. In fact, most of the things you need are readily available in your house and you only need to spot them to come up with aesthetically appealing items. 

You could make rings, necklaces, bracelets and piercings among others. 

The good thing with DIY jewelry is that it gives you room for creativity while still allowing you to be as old-fashioned as you wish. Jewelry can be a real moneymaker and also could form a good gift package for your friends and family. 

What you need

To get started with jewelry making, you will need a few items including a wire or sturdy thread, earring backs or clasps, pliers and wire cutters. Once these are in place, you can get started and even get some inspirations or tutorials online. 

Other natural materials such as epoxy resin, gemstones or precious metals could also come in handy when making the jewelry.

2. Beadwork

Beadwork is yet another friendly craft idea you could pursue. There are so many DIY projects you can undertake under this category even if you don’t have any experience. 

On top of that, beadwork is fun and as such you could easily turn it into a hobby. Making money from this craft is possible as you become creative and focused.

The craft is budget-friendly and doesn’t require much in terms of supplies. Some of the things you can make include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, mats and so many other masterpieces.  

As a beginner, you could start with traditional beadwork and advance to 3D projects with time.

What you need

As aforementioned, very few supplies are needed to get started. These include a wire or thread, beads, a needle and a wire cutter. 

3. Sewing and embroidery 

Did you know that sewing is not as complicated as you may have been made to think? Yes, with the technological advancement in sewing machines available in the market, this is yet another great craft idea you could embrace. 

Imagine sewing those cute shirts or tops for the little ones or even your own clothes? Yes, you heard that right. Some sewing such as the 9960 quantum stylist singer are computerized which makes them easy to use even for beginners. 

You only need to follow a manual plus watch a few tutorials online and you’re ready to do it. 

There are so many items you can sew such as pillow cases, vests and skirts among others. There are also various patterns to choose from including checkered patterns.

What you need

You can sew your clothes without a sewing machine. However, having one will make your work easier, faster and enjoyable. 

You also need different colored sewing threads, fabric, a pair of scissors, needles, thimble and needle threader among others.

4. Crocheting 

Crocheting is yet another enjoyable and easy to learn craft that you could turn into a profitable hobby. There are so many things you can make using crocheting and these include temperature blankets, cross-body circle bags and scarves among others.

While crocheting can be delicate, the truth is that it’s inexpensive to take up as a hobby and come up with great DIY projects.

You could crochet some great items for sale or to gift those you love including little new born babies. The supplies needed to get started are really minimal and there are so many tutorials you can follow online to learn different crocheting techniques for a wide range of outcomes.

What you need

As mentioned, the supplies needed are really minimal and include a ball of acrylic, skein of wool yarn, an aluminum crochet hook (these come in different sizes), and a pair of scissors.

5. Paper crafting

You can enjoy a great hobby from paper crafting. With so many DIY projects to try your hands on, the truth of the matter is that the possibilities are endless for you. 

While there are some simple craft ideas you can embrace without spending a lot of money, there are also others which are a bit delicate but also enjoyable.  

If you have a few dollars to spare, a Cricut would be a great investment as it helps you make a wide range of paper crafts without much struggle. 

Some of the craft ideas you could try include making different types of greeting cards in different shapes and sizes. 

Better still, you can use a pair of scissors to cut your cards and other paper crafting projects thus coming up with great items without spending a lot of money.

What you need

Although it could cost you a little bit, paper crafting is very easy to start. You will need supplies such as perforating, embossing tools and boards, tweezers, corner punches, paper craft scissors and colored copy papers among others.


These are just a few DIY projects and craft ideas you could take up in the days ahead. There are many others that could not only turn into a hobby but also a source of income as you sell your products both online and in your local area. 

Think of things such as hand lettering, knitting and painting. The list is endless. Why not start now and advance your skills with time?

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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