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It’s no secret that the new wave of 3D Home Design Studios has taken over as possible the most popular architectural field in the world today.

We are at the forefront of this new innovation, and in this article we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about 3D rendering studio.

Brief History

Although it’s not known the exact date when 3D Home Design Studios started. It is estimated to have begun in the 1960s. Computer engineers were the first ones to design these models.

The first person to be credited with the 3D designing was Ivan Sutherland. He founded Sketchpad, which was the first of its kind, as it allowed users the possibility of drawing 3D objects.

David Evans along with Sutherland were the first to institute a computer engineering department in the university of Utah. This would go on to become a platform for many budding 3D designers.

They doubled down to also found the first 3D graphics company, which began in 1969.

How 3D Models Are Designed

3D models are developed in two main ways:

  1. Manually
  2. Automatically

When creating a model automatically, a 3D scanner needs to be used. The manual method on the other hand is a bit more stressful, however, as the modeler has to first use a program to create the sketch.

There are 3 different types of modeling that can be used, which include:

3D models were designed to present how an idea can be brought to life or to show the results of a previous project which have already been processed.

Where 3D Models Are Used

Generally, the models can be used for a lot of purposes, but these can be classified into five:

  1. Applications,
  2. Video Games,
  3. Animations,
  4. Architectural visualization,
  5. 3D printing.

The only one of these methods we’ll be focusing on in this article will be Architectural Visualization, as it concerns the main purpose of this article.

In almost all instances, visualization results in getting various 3D images that help represent other objects or images.

In this method, designers have to work with lighting, mathematics, various materials, textures and of course surroundings. Bottom line, images are edited in software applications such as Photoshop.

How to Create Visualizations:

  • Make the image appear more realistic by adding physical qualities, materials and textures: Regardless of what kind of 3D representation we are talking about all the different materials used have different specifications. This literally means that they’ll have different colors and materials, they react differently to light. You have to consider all these factors in order for your model to be represented in the best way possible.
  • Addling sources of light: One major things to consider when going into 3D representations is the lighting. An adequate source of light is necessary to bring out your model in the best way possible. This is done in order to ensure that the whole work has a good balance.
  • The light source could be natural or artificial. The artificial lighting is the most employed of these two in 3D modeling however because it is always readily available.
  • 3D modeling: The first step would be to form an object based on their measurements and scale, which has to be determined beforehand. There are a lot of various programs and applications which can be used to create 3D models such as: AutoCAD, Tinkercad, SketchUp, Blender and Brush to list a few.


The process of 3D Home Designing is definitely a fun and profitable one. Learning this skill puts you a head higher than a lot of your counterparts.

Contacting us at 3D rendering studio will ensure you get the best designs as we have the best engineers alongside the latest technology.

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