3 Top Tips for Good Health

You may, like so many, want to keep fit and strong and healthy, so that you can live your best life possible. Eat hearty, organic food, drink natural water, and do lots of muscle strengthening and cardiac intensive exercise. Whilst it won’t stop you from dying by accident, you’ll be doing everything you can to live an active life well into old age.

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And yet, few of us have ever heard of backflow testing Melbourne city requires to maintain your water. This article will cover this topic and more, since it’s all essential for your health and wellbeing in coming years.

Clean, Pure Water

Most of us simply turn on our taps and expect clean water to flow out. The reality is not quite as simple. The chlorine which is added to most municipal water kills bacteria and viruses, but isn’t quite as healthy for your bodies. It’s helpful to have a home filter which removes all the added chemicals, and then adds minerals you need for good health.

You also need to do backflow testing once a year. What is that? Backflow occurs when water flows the wrong way, and dirty water enters the system. You can prevent that by having a valve in place, but you also have to test the system to make sure it’s working properly. Otherwise, you could land up becoming ill just from using the water at home.

Health starts at home!

Eating Healthy and Sustainably

The increasing trend is toward eating organically, without the use of chemicals. Added to this, you want to eat sustainably, cutting down the transport for goods to arrive on our doorstep.

One of the ways you can do this is to choose organic food at the market where it’s not packaged in plastic bags. Instead, it should be placed in paper bags or your own reusable bags. The inconvenience of weighing out the vegetables or other produce is a small price to pay for helping protect the environment.

Another way is to grow your own food. A backyard vegetable garden with chicken coop is a great way to provide for most of your needs for the year. This plan produces no carbon footprint, and the food that you grow is bursting with the essential vitamins and minerals that your body prefers. No more shop-bought vegetables that are so low in essential nutrients!

What’s more, you can ferment those vegetables to increase those nutrients and get a good portion of healthy probiotics.

With chickens, there are certain diseases that you’re required to have the fowl inoculated against. However, both in terms of fresh eggs and chicken meat, you score, because you know exactly what you feed those chickens—and therefore exactly what you’re eating.

Growing vegetables also ensures that you get a balanced diet. Those leafy greens will look attractive and when you pair them with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and a little lime, you have a nearly complete meal. All you need is a little protein.

Furthermore, you can pour home-grown compost and natural fertiliser onto your plants, so you need never have those nasty chemicals in your body again.

It takes a bit of time, but when trying out the DIY food option, the rewards far outweigh the labour.

Exercising for Health and Wellness

The following step is to maintain your exercise levels. There are three types of exercise:

  • Toning
  • Strengthening
  • Cardio

Toning is for ensuring suppleness and healthy tone of the muscle groups. Exercise such as Pilates, Callanetics, and stretch and tone exercises at the gym are useful for this. It will also strengthen your muscles.

Strengthening exercises are done by lifting weights, doing squats, or push-ups. The aim is to make you stronger and able to endure a lot of exercise. You’ll find yourself able to handle more activity, and stay stronger until you’re much older.

Cardio exercise gets your heart rate pumping intensely. You gain both strength and endurance, and these keep you going through the day—even when you get a bit older.

Keeping to the recommended hours of exercise is almost impossible. Experts suggest 2.5 to 5 hours of exercise per day. The only way you can fit that in is by cycling or walking to work, running up the stairs and choosing to have walking meetings. Just do what you can and find innovative ways to exercise. Housework is another great exercise, and shouldn’t be overlooked as a useful strengthening activity.

What’s more, we’ve just mentioned growing your own food, and gardening is a fantastic workout. Make sure you don’t damage your back in doing it, or you’ll put all your hard work to waste!

In Summary

Clean water, pure food and lots of different types of exercise are highly beneficial to the human body. Carving out time for achieving these will benefit you not only in keeping out of the doctor’s office, but also in keeping you well into old age.

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