3 Must-Have Upgrades for Home that Are Actually Worth It 

Whether you’re planning to buy a new property or getting your long-dreamt remodeling done, certain upgrades can instantaneously take your home to the next level. 

We’ve brought to you a good mix of practical updates to protect your house and make it more efficient while also creating opportunities to upgrade / customise your lifestyle.

Some of these ideas are a big commitment, but the result of your investment will be a more stylish, functional and comfortable home.

They are both interior and exterior upgrades, something that will help you add value to your everyday life.

Before we begin, make sure to check local building code requirements to ensure you are aligning with the required safety and compliance.

Let’s get started! 

1. Automatic Bathroom Vent Fans 

Chances are, your home might have an outdated bathroom ventilation fan or a model that does not match the size of the space. 

The basic function of an exhaust fan is to quickly clear a steamy mirror and remove humidity after a shower – something that cannot be achieved through an outdated ventilation system.

To achieve this, you should consider an automatic bathroom ventilation system; specifically, look for an automatic bathroom vent fan that has an inbuilt humidity sensor.

As soon as the sensor recognises humidity, it activates the fan – perfect for those who forget to turn it on before bathing. 

This automatic bathroom vent fan also prevents you from wasting energy if you forget to turn your fan off.

Generally, older homes do not have ventilation at all, or they store the exhaust into an attic or other area of the house. Automatic bathroom ventilation is one of the best home upgrades. 

Indeed a big project in these homes, but investing in a system that prevents energy waste and manual effort after installation is a good choice.

2. An Acoustic Vibration Reduction (AVR) Unit

An AVR Unit is fitted inline between the compressors and air diffuser to significantly reduce noise and vibration generated from the pulsation of any diaphragm compressors. 

We are predominantly talking about the wastewater treatment sectors for sewage treatment plants; an AVR unit can help you reduce the noise coming from your compressor to a great extent. 

Along with the reduction of noise, this unit makes sure that a consistent and unrestricted flow continues to the air diffuser. 

A home upgrade of this kind can significantly reduce compressor volume and vibration to directly address the concerns of noise pollution and environmentally sensitive areas. 

While you can do without this unit, a noise reduction can drastically help you add finishing touches to your lifestyle. You can say goodbye to that constant humming noise and bring peace to your neighbourhood with Whisspurr’s AVR unit.

3. Solar Energy 

With the decreased cost for materials, paired with tax credits and incentives, solar energy has become one of the best home upgrades that you can consider for your home.

This ease in execution, therefore, has made solar energy a more achievable option for homeowners.

No doubt, it still is a significant financial investment, but the dire need for renewable energy is bringing solar systems closer to home.

The benefits are many; supplementing your home with solar power can reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

A good quality solar system can help you increase the value of your property, something that has an appeal for home buyers during resale too. 

We suggest you not invest in running your entire home on solar energy right away. One way to approach solar is like an emergency backup, something that can be used to keep just the lights and fridge running when the power goes down.

Solar water heaters are also good option. But if you want to go with current market option then Rheem and AO Smith Water Heaters are available options in market.

Slowly and steadily, make your way to run your entire home on solar when the time is right.

Summing Up… 

Now that you know some of the best home upgrades, it is time for you to take action and execute. While these are only a few, you should broaden your research, look for a particular area of your home that needs updates. 

Once done, limit your research to that particular room and understand your needs. Fix a budget, contact the experts and get to work!  

Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of the project you undertake, and whenever possible, take professional advice. 

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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