10 Kitchen Storage Space Tips and Tricks

Finding extra storage space in the kitchen can feel like a thankless task. Kitchens have a habit of quickly accumulating stuff, whether utensils, appliances, or bulk-bought items.

Today’s kitchens feel smaller than ever before, with multi-story homes boasting an average kitchen space of just 174 square feet. However, with intelligent design and a willingness to get creative, you may have more storage space than you think.

Here are some smart kitchen storage space tips and tricks you can implement without completely remodeling your home.

Install a Shallow Shelf Over the Counter

Slim open shelves provide the same storage space as installing a thick shelf on the wall. If you have a sliver of a kitchen, installing a low, shallow shelf over the counter can provide you with everything you need for cooking.

This tactic is so effective because it makes the most of the dead space often found between counters and upper cabinets.

In many cases, this strategy can add a whole other level to your kitchen and is also a cost-effective way of increasing your storage space.

Use Every Inch of Wall Space

Smaller kitchens are marked by a lack of premium counter real estate. Wall space is the one thing that every kitchen has in common.

Think about the positions of your cabinets. Could you fit cabinets above or below your existing ones? Stacking cabinets is an ideal way of adding some extra storage space.

You can also build shelves all the way up to the ceiling or invest in magnetic kitchen blocks to free up some of that counter space.

Add Pull-Out Shelves to Your Cupboards

Pull-out shelves are another lifesaver for smaller kitchens. Pull-out shelves are great because they can double or even triple the space in your lower cupboards.

Just open your cupboard and pull out the shelves. Some models may even consist of multiple pull-out shelves in one unit. It’s like a cabinet within a cabinet.

If you’re someone who wants to adopt the concealed kitchen design idea, pull-out shelves in Carmichael, CA, allow you to create a deceptively roomy kitchen space.

Put Your Dish Rack on the Wall

Dish racks are unwieldy and considered something you absolutely cannot compromise on. Move your dish rack above ground level with a wall-mounted dish rack instead.

Wall-hung stainless steel dish racks are popular in many parts of Asia, including India. If you’ve got the extra wall space, moving them up top can free up a tremendous amount of counter space.

Miniaturize Your Appliances

Appliances are the tools that allow you to cook up a storm. But, unfortunately, they also take up a massive amount of space. As a result, Americans are increasingly moving toward miniature appliances, with the market now valued at $8.95 billion in total.

These appliances perform the same functions without taking up a heavy-duty amount of space. If you’ve got the budget to make some dramatic changes to your kitchen, you can even convert your kitchen to allow miniature appliances to be hidden behind cabinet fronts or even under the countertop itself.

Source a Table with Storage

Older dining tables typically had drawers and cupboards within. Bring back this traditional staple of the home with a modern twist.

Folding tables that come with storage are perfect for stashing magazines, mail, and even smaller appliances that you don’t use often.

Switch Out Your Kitchen Island for a Restaurant-Grade Solution

Restaurant-grade kitchen islands are renowned for their storage space because the average restaurant kitchen also suffers from limited storage space.

Believe it or not, these inexpensive stainless steel islands are typically cheaper than those marketed to the residential market.

Visit a restaurant supply store and see what they have to offer. These kitchen islands provide more counter space and the extra storage because they’re more concerned with utilitarianism than fashion.

Hang the Cooking Essentials

Cooking tools and pots that you use regularly need to be within easy reach. If you’ve got a minuscule kitchen, hang them on the wall instead.

You don’t need to worry about investing in an expensive solution. Instead, get some heavy-duty hooks, drill them into the wall, and you have a perfect place to hang your cooking essentials artfully.

Using the area above the sink and below the upper cabinets is an excellent location for hanging these essentials.

Turn One Wall into Cabinets

Modern kitchen suites tend to arrange cabinets with an eye on stylishness. Unfortunately, while there is nothing wrong with trying to be trendy, smaller kitchens tend to suffer because of it in the storage space department.

Follow the one-wall kitchen makeover idea and dedicate an entire wall to cabinets. Filling every available space with cabinets will make them feel like part of the kitchen rather than covering up an existing wall.

While this idea may sound like it’ll make your kitchen look cluttered or “heavy,” it’s a surprisingly effective way of getting more storage space without compromising on style.

Add a Sliding Door

If you have a traditional door that swings open and closed, you’re losing out on precious wall space. Instead, install a sliding door to your kitchen to open up more space for appliances or even some additional counter space.

Sliding doors are typically far cheaper than traditional heavy wood doors. Plus, you can install them yourself if you have some DIY knowledge.


Making the most of your kitchen space can feel like a thankless task. After all, if you’re renting a small apartment or playing host to a tiny kitchen, options for increasing your storage space may not be immediately apparent.

Get creative and think about the space you do have. In particular, think about the vertical space you have available to you. With some thoughtful organization, you could have more space than you think.

What are your top tips for increasing the space you have in your kitchen?

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