10 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas for a Fresh Look

If you’re into DIY, you probably know how to save a bit of money here and there. But planning is essential when it comes to transforming your home and giving it a fresh appearance.

Here are 10 easy but great home improvement ideas that you can follow:

Repaint walls

The preparation may take a while, moving and covering things, but it’s totally worth it. If your walls feel washed out, give them a bit of depth with the right color. You can use the same nuance or perhaps something completely different.

Give yourself at least a day or two for each room.

Replace doors

You can repaint doors too, but if they’re swollen, cracked or uneven, replacing them might be a better idea. Doors Delivered has an impressive range of doors, from classic traditionalism to ultra modern minimalism.

Doors are big elements, so make sure they match the surrounding décor.

Get a stair runner

Slippery stairs? No problem. Indeed, you can get someone to carpet them, but that’ll cost you a fortune. What you can do instead is get a few woven runners, as well as a few supplies from a DIY center to fit them on the middle part of the stairs, and voila!

The job takes a few hours, and choosing runners in the right color will also bring in a visual upgrade.

Repaint old flooring

Unless your whole house is covered in carpets, you can give old floors a refreshing paint, but be careful here. You’ll need a certain type of flooring paint. It’s more durable and can take everyday traffic. You can also do various patterns, whatever suits the overall décor of the room.

Also, when it comes to paint, you’ll need more layers, but also a protective coat on top of the paint, so give yourself more days to do it.

Get some interior shutters

Shutters are mostly used on the outside, but based on the type of home interior design, they can be an excellent addition on the inside too. Sunlight going through windows is useful, but there are times when you may want a bit of darkness or privacy.

Interior shutters were mostly used as window treatments in urban places and may look a bit old fashioned, so they make a better choice for traditional interiors.

Refinish your kitchen cabinets

There’s no need to replace the kitchen furniture for a fresh appearance. If cabinets are still in great condition, you can simply refinish them. If you have dark furniture, how about a bright makeover? Clean everything up and brush on a couple of layers of paint.

The whole job can be completed in less than a weekend. You’ll need some paint, a quality cleaner, sandpaper, and a brush. The upgrade will cost you a fraction of what new furniture costs.

Refresh the bathroom caulk

You can probably notice the signs of aging caulk. At first, it goes a bit brown. Then, it starts cracking. It’s part of the game. However, ignoring it for too long can get moisture to go in there, leading to mildew and mold.

The first step implies removing the old caulk. Clean the area thoroughly and dry it completely. Get to a hardware store, get a caulk tube and perhaps one of those tube guns, and you can do it within a few hours only.

Revive the deck

If the deck looks old and dying, you can simply revive it by power cleaning it and scrubbing it. Use sandpaper and refresh it, then give it a few layers of protective paint or lacquer. If it’s already rotting, it needs replacement.

Get some stair brackets

Stairs are defined by balusters in terms of architectural design. However, the exposed part can be enhanced with stair brackets in the right style. They’re easy to install, usually with nails and adhesive only.

Install a programmable thermostat

Forget about the old manual thermostat and get a programmable one. You can also get one of the modern solutions that allow full control over mobile applications, even more, convenient and energy efficient.

Install a backsplash

Get one by the sink, the working area, and cooker to protect your walls. You can find backsplashes that can be stuck to the wall with adhesive. It’s a weekend project that most amateurs can work on with confidence, resulting in a sleek and stylish backsplash that protects against splashes and spills.

Final words

With these above affordable home improvement ideas, you can easily give your home a fresh, new look without breaking the bank. So do not despair – with a few easy and inexpensive upgrades, you can make your house look great in no time.

These quick tips should keep you busy for a few weeks, but also give your home a refreshing upgrade. Now get to work and enjoy the results of your hard work. 

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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